More information on punter Alex Dunnachie

HA Note: “Dunnachie, who is 6 feet 2 and 220 pouinds, is one of the top punters at the Ray Guy Academy for punters, kickers and long-snappers.”

About his punting ability, Dunnachie said that he:
“consistently hit it 65, 70 yards.” (HA)

About Dunnachie, who has had several punts with hang times over 5 seconds, Rick Sang (co-founder of the Ray Guy Academy) said:
“He has natural power. He looks like a college tight end.” (HA)

HA Note: “Dunnachie said he has never played American football. But he has a played Australian Rules Football, which emphasizing kicking, since he was 5.”

About kicking in Australian Rules Football, Dunnachie said:
“We kick it end over end, back spin, spirals.” (HA)

About choosing UH, Dunnachie said:
“This place is paradise.” (HA)


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