JD and Mac will be in Japan for a week to market UH

About going to Japan, Mac said:
“Jim and I have a dream of going east. When I was with the 49ers we had a Japanese player (Masafumi Kawaguchi) in camp. They (the Japanese media) were crazy about it. And look what’s happening in Seattle and Boston with baseball.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “McMackin and Donovan have speaking engagements on coaching and sports administration scheduled over four days in a series arranged by the Pacific Rim Sports Initiative, headed by former UH football player Ross Yamasaki.”

About expanding their market beyond Hawaii, JD said:
“If we’re going to be more than we are, we have to look beyond Hawaii.” (HSB)

JD Noted in the HSB: “no state funds were being used for the trip. McMackin said the trip was sponsored by JAL, the Oahu Visitors Bureau, Marriott and Panda Travel.”


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