UH may have a scrimmage and autograph session on Maui in April

About how their football scrimmage and autograph session at Maui’s War Memorial Stadium in April is still in the proposal stage, JD said:
“We’re hopeful it’ll all come together.” (HA)

HA Note: “The event would be part of the Warriors’ spring practice. They still would play the Green-White game at Aloha Stadium.”

HA Note: “But Donovan said it was important for “Hawai’i’s team” to connect with fans throughout the state. Maui has the second-most pay-per-view customers of UH sports.”

JD said that Teri Chang (assistant AD for facilities and operations) was raised in Maui and coordinated the UH-Montana game on Maui several years ago, and:
“is a natural fit to coordinate this.” (HA)


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