UH Regents have not set a deadline for JD to close the AD deficit

About how they understand it will take time to close the Athletic Department budget deficit, Board chairman Al Landon said:
“in the current (economic) environment we simply acknowledge that the challenges that our university and other universities face with athletics. There was a comment from the auditors that we need to be mindful and, absolutely, Jim is on it. There are lots of levers to pull here on how to focus on the financial aspect.” (HA)

“we recognize that the financial aspects of this are pretty important and we’re pleased that Jim and the entire staff are focused on making the athletic department as efficient as they can.” (HA)

About when they will balance their budget, JD said:
“I did not give a timeline (for a balanced budget) because so much of it is dependent upon the economy. If the economy settles down this year, even a little bit, that will help us start to make a comeback. The first goal is to get back to a balanced budget and our second goal is to retire the accumulated deficit.” (HA)

Supporting JD, Chancellor Hinshaw said:
“I have a lot of confidence in Jim (Donovan’s) ability to lead.” (HA)

About their “precarious” financial status, JD told a regents’ committee that:
“right now the plan is to try to get to break even and I don’t know (when it will happen). I know it is not possible this year. I don’t know if it is possible next year. Hopefully the year following that.” (HA)

Trying not to cut a sport, JD said:
“I do not want to cut a sport. Depending on how the economy continues, that could be put on the table but that is not my intent. That (cutting a sport) would be an absolutely last resort.” (HA)

About how fans can help UH Athletics by attending games, JD said:
“people ask, ‘How can I help?’ I tell them it is as simple as buying a ticket.” (HA)



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