Davone Bess reflects on his rookie season

About how special teams helped him get playing time quickly as a rookie, Bess said:
“The fastest way to get on a field for a rookie is playing special teams, you know, and trying to make an impact as soon as possible as fast as you can.” (KGMB)

KGMB Note: “That’s how Bess avoided getting cut by Miami. He became a playmaker as a return specialist. Then Greg Camarillo got injured and Bess took his starting spot at receiver. The former UH star made 54 catches on the season, which is the second most in NFL history for an undrafted rookie behind Wayne Chrebet.”

About getting so many catches as a rookie, Bess said:
“It was weird, the media would come into our locker room and they would tell me, ‘man you’re such and such, you have this many catches.’ Throughout the whole year, it didn’t really bother me. It still hasn’t hit me yet.” (KGMB)

Praising Chad Pennington, Bess said:
“Our chemistry off the field, he’s a great leader you know. We joke around and call him Coach Pennington. He has that demeanor as a coach. We’re a young receiving corp so he helped us grow and groomed us a lot and it pretty much transferred to the field.” (KGMB)


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