Feature article on the new playing field at the Ching Athletic Complex

About how they show off the new Ching Field to recruits, Mac said:
“The recruits look out our windows and see that big Hawaii (logo) out there and the field, and a lot of them have mentioned that. It shows the support that we’re getting and I think it helps all the sports. It’s really a positive influence on everything.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Warriors coaches could hardly be blamed if they closed the shades in past years, when Cooke Field’s deteriorating Astroturf was fading and eventually pulled up, leaving the black rubber padding exposed.”

About the importance of the new field surface, Wahine track and field coach Carmyn James said:
“It’s so central and it was such an eyesore. It really makes the whole athletic department look that much more professional.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The field will give the Warriors an on-campus alternative to their grass practice fields when the rains sweep through Manoa valley. There were several occasions late last season when the team practiced at nearby Saint Louis School when rain soaked the grass field.”

HSB Note: “The $5 million donation made by the Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation was not used in the field renovation project. School officials are hopeful to get a matching appropriation to complete the plans for the facility — including construction on grandstands — unveiled when the donation was announced.”

HSB Note: “With Ching Field soon to be completed, Cooke Field will remain a part of the lower campus as the upper grass practice field where the football team practices will be given that designation. It will be the fourth site on campus to bear that name.”

About how all of the construction going on with their athletic facilities will give them a work-in-progress look over the coming months, Teri Chang (assistant AD for facilities) said:
“But that’s a good thing.” (HSB)


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