Article about the walk-on tryouts for the Warriors

About the 93 athletes that spent the 2 hours trying to make their team, Mac said:
“There were a lot of good athletes. Those who make it will be part of our family. Those who don’t, I hope, will remain as fans. It’s nothing personal. Sometimes it’s a numbers game.” (HA)

HA Note: “They were tested in the 40-yard dash, pro-agility drill and 225-pound bench press.”

HA Note: “Bryant Moniz, who led Leilehua to the state championship game as a sophomore in 2004, was among the candidates. Moniz, who played at Fresno City College, is competing as a quarterback. He wore a black T-shirt with the words: All Bizness.”

About trying to make the Warriors, 6’3″, 340-pound Joseph Napeahi (All-State 2nd team with Kahuku in 2002, received interest from Nebraska, Washington, and Utah, but enrolloed at Fresno City College because he didn’t meet the requirements to play as an NCAA freshman) said:
“Now, I’m here. I’m happy to be here.” (HA)

HA Note: “Defensive end Aaron Rink attended the tryouts, although his place on the roster is solidified. Rink is 6 feet 3 1/2 and 228 pounds. He is capable of running 40 yards in 4.52 seconds.”

About DE Aaron Rink, Jake Heun said:
“He’s a player.” (HA)

About how he only learned about the tryouts two days ago, Santos said:
“I just found out on Monday. I hadn’t been going to the gym since November. I’ve been playing soccer and basketball. Soccer was my conditioning.” (HA)

HA Note: “But Santos, who is 6 feet and 195 pounds, ran the 40 in 4.6 seconds. He also completed the pro-agility drill in 4.7 seconds. Santos will compete at wideout.”

HA Note: “Offensive linemen Daniel Otineru and Lucas Kennard have championship rings as members of UH’s 2007 team. But Otineru did not play in 2008 after undergoing surgery for sleep apnea. Kennard was cut because, at 250 pounds, he was deemed to be too light.”

About trying out for the team despite being on the team in 2007, Otineru said:
“I’m not tripping about it. I’ll do what I have to do.” (HA)

About how he gained 35 pounds to weigh 285 and can bench press 400 pounds, Kennard said:
“I kept working hard, working to get back out here again.” (HA)

About how he fit the NT role in UH’s 3-4 defense under Glanville but was too heavy to be a DT in Mac’s 4-3 D, Quentin Beaver said:
“I was too heavy. It was understandable. I kind of expected it. I wasn’t discouraged. I started eating right, and running. I lost 60 pounds. Everything is fine now.” (HA)


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