Ikaika Malloe (DT coach and special teams coordinator) leaves for Yale

About accepting the defensive coordinator job at Yale, Ikaika Malloe said:
“This might have been the most stressful decision I ever made. My heart will always be here. It’s been a dream of mine to not only be a coordinator, but to one day be a head coach. You’ll never know if you’ll get another chance. I don’t want to regret not taking it.” (HA)

“It’s very tough. Even now that I’ve made the decision it’s still tough. … It’s been very stressful over the last week. My ultimate goal, like I told Coach McMackin, is to someday be in his position (as a head coach). I feel God has blessed me with this opportunity and I want to make the best of it.” (HSB)

Malloe laughed as he said:
“You’ve got a local boy at an Ivy League school? Now I have to brush up on my English.”

About his long history with Tom Williams (former UH defensive coordinator), Malloe said:
“Tom and I have a long history and, like a lot of other coaches, Tom has been one of my biggest mentors.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Williams, a former Hawaii assistant who was introduced as Yale’s new head coach Jan. 7, was an assistant with the Huskies from 1999 to 2001. Malloe, a standout Huskies safety, began his coaching career as a student assistant at Washington in 1997 and stayed in Seattle until 2001.”

About how Malloe made him a better player, Jake Ingram said:
“I’m glad I got to spend that year with him and got to see a different perspective on special teams. In the spring he worked with me on some things that really helped me with my snapping and made me a more confident player. A lot of the success I had this year is because of him.” (HSB)

“He’s an awesome coach.” (HA)

Mac praised Malloe’s work during:
“the transition year.” (HA)

“Ikaika did a great job on the field and in recruiting for us and I wish him and his family all the best.” (HSB)


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