Great utility for comparing Conference vs. Conference performance

I stumbled across this awesome utility for comparing stats for teams from one conference and how they did against another conference. It also breaks things down for how each team did against any specific conference or team, which is awesome also. To run your own searches, go here.

I did a few searches for the 4 seasons between 2004 and 2007 in order to see the results. Plus, I think that the WAC did worse in 2008…

WAC vs MAC, 4-1
WAC vs Sun Belt, 11-8
WAC vs C-USA, 4-5
WAC vs Big 10, 4-5
WAC vs MWC, 15-19
WAC vs ACC, 2-5
WAC vs Big 12, 3-14
WAC vs Pac-10, 6-27
WAC vs SEC, 0-14

For comparison purposes, here is the record for the MWC:

MWC vs MAC, 2-0
MWC vs Sun Belt, 3-0
MWC vs C-USA, 9-10
MWC vs Big 10, 1-7
MWC vs WAC, 19-15
MWC vs ACC, 3-4
MWC vs Big 12, 9-8
MWC vs Pac-10, 10-18
MWC vs SEC, 2-3
MWC vs Big East, 2-2

For comparison purposes, here is the record for the Big 12:

Big 12 vs MAC, 2-0
Big 12 vs Sun Belt, 27-1
Big 12 vs C-USA, 20-3
Big 12 vs Big 10, 9-6
Big 12 vs WAC, 14-3
Big 12 vs ACC, 6-5
Big 12 vs MWC, 8-9
Big 12 vs Pac-10, 8-10
Big 12 vs SEC, 6-7
Big 12 vs Big East 3-3


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