The Warriors talk about the Hawaii Bowl and plans to improve for next season

About how they have to cut down on their sacks, Mac said:
“Right now, we’ve got a lot of work to do. We’ve got to eliminate sacks. We can’t give up that many sacks.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Warriors relinquished 59 sacks, more than any other NCAA Division I-A team has allowed in a season in the recorded history of the sport. They were sacked 18 times in the final three games.”

Asked if they would reorganize to try to solve the problem, Mac said:
“I have to do some more thinking about that.” (HA)

About how their top 3 CBs and top 3 safeties have completed their careers, Mac said:
“Last year, we lost our offense. This year, we’re losing our defense, and quite a bit of our offensive line. This year we’ll lose even more than we lost last year.” (HA)

About how Alexander will enter the spring as their #1 QB, Mac said:
“He can throw the ball when he’s not on his back. He’s done some really good things for us.” (HA)

HA Note: “Brent Rausch is expected to be No. 2. Shane Austin will be No. 3. McMackin said he expects Inoke Funaki, who started five games at quarterback, to move to running back.”

HA Note: “Meanwhile, several seniors have made plans to train on the Mainland in preparation for the NFL draft. Linebacker Adam Leonard will train in Tampa. Middle linebacker Solomon Elimimian also will train on the Mainland. Ingram, Mouton and defensive end David Veikune will rent a house in Carson, Calif., where they will train. UH’s Pro Day is scheduled for early March in Carson.”

About how UH will do well next season, Adam Leonard said:
“I have no doubt Hawai’i will be up around 10 wins and win the WAC next year.” (HA)

About how they will learn from the Hawaii Bowl loss, Alexander said:
“We’ll take a look at the film and see what we did (against Notre Dame), every game you play is a good learning experience. Saying that, our offensive output was just unacceptable. We’re going to look at it and hopefully learn from it. It was just one of those games.” (HSB)

About how he won’t let the Hawaii Bowl loss ruin what he thinks of their season, Mac said:
“We reached some pretty neat things this year, so I’m not going to let that ruin the good things we’ve done. It’s going to take me 48 hours to get over this thing and I’m probably not going to watch the film for a week.” (HSB)

About how they need to work hard during the offseason, Kealoha Pilares said:
“Just have to train harder and come back strong next year. We have a lot of good people coming back, so we just have to build on this year and just get better.” (HSB)

About how the team stayed together throughout the season despite their difficulties, Sol said:
“We stayed together as a team. We had Coach Mack’s back and he had our back and I feel that’s the best part of the season, just knowing there was a point where we could have quit and gone in a different direction, but we stayed together.” (HSB)

About how their pass rush rattled Alexander, Notre Dame safety David Bruton said:
“The coaches gave the defensive ends the green light to go. They’re all aware of the three-step drop, so they all put their hands up and batted down a lot of balls. That can easily rattle a quarterback.” (HSB)

About how they only sacked Clausen once and hurried him twice, David Veikune said:
“Any team that max protects, you won’t be able to get to him, and that’s what they did most of the time. Secondly that was the best tackle (Notre Dame’s Sam Young) I’ve faced this year – he’s a challenge. We didn’t put on as much pressure as we should have.” (HSB)

About the TD pass for Notre Dame where he was complaining before the play was over, Jameel Dowling said:
“It was a push-off, and I didn’t get the call, but you can’t use that as an excuse.” (HSB)


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