The State of Hawaii was a winner in the Hawaii Bowl

About how they would have liked to have a close game, Hawaii Bowl Executive Director David Matlin said:
“Obviously from the bowl’s perspective you’d like to see a competitive game — I mean it was just a few things here and there and it would’ve have been a much closer game.” (KHON)

About how they set records for tickets sold and attendance, Matlin said:
“It was a very successful event. The record tickets issued — record turnstile — just great event.” (KHON)

About how ESPN is happy with the projected high TV ratings, Matlin said:
“They’re thrilled — I mean they’re thrilled about the partnership and the partnership with Hawaii — the Hawaii tourism authority — with the University of Hawaii.” (KHON)

About the high ratings for the Hawaii Bowl, Keith Vieira from Starwood said:
“The Hawaii Bowl traditionally has a very strong TV rating because on Christmas Eve people back east either having dinner or watching TV late at night have a chance to look at Hawaii in afternoon sun so it’s really perfect for us.” (KHON)

KHON Note: “But is it perfect for the home team? The U-H athletic department receives 400-thousand dollars for its appearance in the Hawaii Bowl but after subtracting expenses including hotel, food, transportation costs and coaches incentives, the department may find itself barely breaking even.”

About the Hawaii Bowl week of festivities, Matlin said:
“It was a great week, a great event and great weather and just a great experience for all.” (KHON)

KHON Note: “Even with the loss UH Head Football Coach Greg McMackin will receive a 20-thousand dollar bonus for making it to a non-BCS bowl game and had Hawaii won Coach Mac would have pocketed another 10-grand. His staff will also receive bonuses.”

About how the Hawaii Bowl helps their state, Matlin said:
“I think it just speaks a lot about the people of Hawaii and the aloha spirit is alive and well and I think that message goes back to the mainland and it just helps the whole state.” (KHON)


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