Quotes about UH and Notre Dame from the local papers

About the ha’a that the Warriors did during the Hawaii Bowl banquet, after Notre Dame chanted their fight song (Notre Dame Victory March), Mac said:
“That was the best one we ever did.” (HA)

HA Note: “At one point, Watson, who co-authored the UH ha’a, knocked over two chairs and a serving cart. Some Warriors tossed kukui-nut lei into the air.”

About Keala Watson doing that ha’a, Sol sad:
“Keala was a little intense.” (HA)

About Keala doing that ha’a, Keao Monteilh said:
“It was a good thing there were no kids around. (Watson) might have thrown a table. … It was good. We had 100-percent participation, which is rare. Even Malcolm did it.” (HA)

About doing the ha’a, Malcolm Lane said:
“I wanted to do the Electric Slide. But I guess everybody voted for the ha’a.” (HA)

Monteilh said that Lane:
“did a good job. He was easy to teach. All we had to do was get him a little focused.” (HA)

About doing the ha’a at the banquet, Greg Alexander said:
“I got a little pumped up. But I wasn’t like Keala. He went a little crazy. He was punching some tables. It was pretty cool. It was a fun deal.” (HA)

HA Note: “Watson’s wife, Leona, is expecting the couple’s first child Feb. 11.”

About doing the ha’a at the banquet, Keala said:
“Our team has a lot of pride. When people call us out, everybody steps up. … It was a lot of fun. Coach Mack didn’t say anything. He just looked at us and gave us the nod. That’s how it started. Even the coaches were jumping in. It was hysterical. Everybody was showing Warrior spirit.” (HA)

HA Note: “Notre Dame safety David Bruton said the battle of chants was “in fun.” Bruton added that it was good to stir the competition between the teams.”

About how they didn’t have full attendance at practice until Sunday because of finals and commencement, Mac said:
“The coaches and players handled everything well. We had to adjust to the tests. We had guys missing practices. But that’s OK. Graduation and academics are the most important things we’re doing.” (HA)

About how they only used 10 of their 15 practices allowed for the bowl game, Charlie Weis said:
“I really had to put exams ahead of those extra football practices. I don’t think it’s right to have kids … running between exams and going to football practice. … I think that leads to grades suffering, and I won’t do that.” (HA)

HA Note: “Weis’ commitment can be found in the report cards. This is the seventh consecutive semester — all under Weis —in which Notre Dame’s team grade-point average will be 3.0 or higher.”

About how they will be prepared, Weis said:
“We’ve had more than enough (practices) to get ready for this game.” (HA)

About how they used the early practices for their redshirts and reserves before focusing on preparing for Notre Dame, Mac said:
“We’re in game mode right now.” (HA)

About his sprained right foot, Kealoha Pilares said:
“It’s still sore. It’s going to be. I’ll play through it. It’s Notre Dame. I have to play. I can rest after this game.” (HA)

Weis said that WR Robby Parris is not at:
“full speed, but he’s ready to go.” (HA)

About how yesterday was the final practice for their 35 seniors, Watson said:
“this was it. This practice was emotional. Everybody knows what we’re going to leave behind. The main thing is, we’re leaving everything in good hands next year.” (HA)

About how the seniors will pass down the leadership of the team to the younger players, Watson said:
“We have to pass down what was passed from guys before us, and guys before that. We want to continue that type of tradition.” (HA)

About how he learned from Lui fuga, Matt Faga, Mel Purcell, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Michael Lafaele, Amani Purcell and Karl Noa, Watson said:
“All of those guys. They always call me up before game days. They tell me to go out there and represent them. They tell me we’re not just playing for us, we’re playing for everybody who’s been through the program. I’m thinking of doing that in the future, calling up these guys and reminding them about the history of the program.” (HA)

About their final practice of the season, Mac said:
“It’s gone fast and it was sort of emotional for a lot of the seniors. We had a real good practice, real spirited and competitive.” (HSB)

About the rivalry during the Hawaii Bowl banquet, Monteilh said:
“No bad intentions, just kind of hyping this game. Some guys were ready to play that night.” (HSB)

About the emotions during the Hawaii Bowl banquet, Notre Dame WR David Grimes said:
“There was a lot of energy, and a little bit of hostility, but I think it was all in good fun. It’s part of the game.” (HSB)

Looking forward to the game, Monteilh said:
“The more you think about it the slower it comes.” (HSB)

About how they are ready for the game, Mac said:
“It’s been well organized, our guys have handled everything really well, so now it’s right down to game time.” (HSB)

About Alexander’s scrambling ability, Notre Dame LB Maurice Crum said:
“He doesn’t force a lot of balls. If it’s not open he’ll pull it down and get what he can get.” (HSB)

About how Notre Dame will use 3 and 4 players on the DL, Ron Lee said:
“They give you a lot of different looks. hey’ve got some great athletes and they come after the quarterback.” (HSB)

About how the Warriors will try to put pressure on their QB, Weis said:
“The thing they do best is rush the passer. That plays into the type of player (McMackin’s) got, he’s got a lot of fast guys and lets them run to the ball. … It starts with the pressure up front.” (HSB)

Warrior about Notre Dame returner WR Golden Tate, Ikaika Malloe said:
“The last time we saw a guy like (Tate) was at Florida and Brandon James. That’s the type of talent we’re dealing with. If he breaks free, he’s gone. We have to be on point on our fundamentals.” (HSB)

About Notre Dame tackle Sam Young, 6’8″, 330-pounds, DL coach Dave Aranda said:
“He’s a big man and moves his feet well. He has a great reach, a good punch and very athletic. David is very aware of what he’s going against.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Young has started the last 37 games for the Irish, anchoring a line in which 6-foot-4, 302-pound center Dan Wenger is considered the small one.”

About the size of Notre Dame’s OL, Mac said:
“The Buffalo Bills I thought had the biggest line in the game, but I’m not so sure.” (HSB)

About using his speed to counter Notre Dame’s size on the OL, David Veikune said:
“You just have to use speed. They have great athletes, big boys … and you have to use your technique.” (HSB)

About how he wants a win for Christmas, Weis said:
“When I’m sitting here on Christmas Eve after the game with my wife and kid and waiting for Santa and the sleigh to pull up, I want to have a smile on my face.” (HSB)

About the importance of winning their bowl game, Weis said:
“There’s two things you’re trying to do here. For the (Maurice) Crums and those guys walking out the door…they’d be proud to walk out the door saying ‘hey, that’s the last time we got to play football for Notre Dame, we didn’t have to worry about the 900 teams that won a bowl game since Notre Dame last won a bowl game.’ For everyone else who aspires for greater things down the road, they can’t look at this as the last game of the past year, they have to look at it as the first game of next year.” (HSB)

About the importance of winning his final game for Notre Dame, Crum said:
“This is my last opportunity to be a Notre Dame football player. This is my last time coming out with my guys. You always want to go out with that blaze of glory.” (HSB)

About how UH has a more diversified offense now, Weis said:
“So much of there offense was just dependent on Colt (Brennan) in the past. What they have been able to do with their offense now is when you take the superstar quarterback out of the mix, I think that everyone on their offense has kind of picked up their slack.” (HSB)

About how UH is 21-3 in their last 24 home games, Weis said:
“I can see why Hawaii during the regular season hardly ever loses a game here. You fly up to this venue in a short time frame, there are a lot of distractions here. I’m glad we don’t do this on a regular basis.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Backup cornerback Gary Gray was left home for what Weis called “personal reasons.” ”

About how their injured players have healed, Weis said:
“Thankfully they’re all back.” (HSB)


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