BSU’s President once again openly talked about leaving the WAC

IS = Idaho Statesman

About how he’s talked with several MWC Presidents that have expressed an interest in expanding or at least discussing expanding, BSU President Kustra said:
“One president told me a few months ago, we’re just very attractive to them because they feel like they’re knocking right on the BCS door and we might be able to join them and kick the door right down.” (IS)

About how there would be no guarantee of joining the BCS even if BSU joined the MWC, TCU Coach Gary Patterson said:
“I don’t know if it would matter if we brought the Pittsburgh Steelers in. I’m not sure it’d allow us to get into a BCS league. I think you’ve got to understand that a lot of that comes down to money.” (IS)

Patterson added that for the MWC, BSU:
“would be a great addition” (IS)

About how the MWC is much better for traveling than the WAC, which would help their students academically, Kustra said:
“What’s great about that conference is the reduced travel problems that we have now. Basketball wants a 10th team so they can matchup and partner. More importantly for me our student-athletes can travel the inter-mountain region without having to go far to the east and far to the west, which for basketball especially going into both semesters is a real drag on academics. I think we’d get improved academic quality out of this conference.” (IS)

IS Note: “In the WAC, Boise State must make arduous trips to Louisiana and Hawaii for conference games. In the Mountain West, the toughest trip would be to Wyoming, which means a flight to Denver and a two-plus hour bus ride.”

About how he hasn’t heard about a timeline for the MWC to expand, Kustra said:
“Every now and then we’ll hear that they’re thinking about expanding or they’ve been looking at us but I don’t have anything immediately that I know of that gives me a sign that they’re ready to do something.” (IS)

IS Note: “The league’s commissioner Craig Thompson said earlier this fall that expansion has become a topic of discussion for the first time in several years.”


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