Adam Leonard called Notre Dame’s Clausen better than Tebow

SBT = South Bend Tribune

Calling Jimmy Clausen a better QB than Tim Tebow, Adam Leonard said:
“Tebow’s a physical specimen. He’s got a strong arm. He runs the ball well and he plays great in that system. But I would say as far as a pure quarterback — decision-making, looking off safeties and the arm strength — (Clausen) is unbelievable. He’s the only quarterback we’ve seen on film who from the opposite hash he can throw all the way to the other sideline. It jumps off the film when he throws.” (SBT)

SBT Note: “Notre Dame’s Clausen looked like a star in the making early in the season before faltering late, throwing two touchdowns and eight interceptions in his team’s final four games.”

About his improvement during the second half of the season, Alexander said:
“We’ve cut down on turnovers. We’re on the field longer, it keeps our defense off the field and we’re able to keep some drives going.” (SBT)

About how his early struggles were due to the difficulty in learning their offense, Alexander said:
“I got here in May, so I was trying to rush it and learn it. Really, it just takes time. After that Florida game, I just got to sit back and watch and see how things develop, see how things work. When I got back in, I had a much better understanding of it.” (SBT)

About Clausen, Adam Leonard said:
“I know his stats haven’t been there for him as far as his interception-touchdown ratio, but you can tell he just jumps off the film with his arm strength, his ability to look off safeties and reading the coverage. He’s probably a little too confident sometimes when he tries to force things, but that’s just how much talent he has and how much belief he has in his receivers.” (SBT)


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