Other quotes from the local papers

About their 49 sacks allowed this season, including 10 in their last 2 games, Mac said:
“I’m not happy with the number of (relinquished) sacks we’ve had this year. In the offseason, that’s going to be a deep project for us.” (HA)

HA Note: “In the four-wide passing offense, the higher number of sacks might be proportionate to the greater number of pass attempts. But in the same number of games, the Warriors had 205 more pass plays last season, yet relinquished 14 fewer sacks. In 2007, the Warriors were sacked once every 19.9 pass plays. This season, they have been sacked once every 10.1 pass plays. What’s more, in four games this year, the Warriors altered their offense to incorporate more rollout schemes designed to minimize the number of backfield tackles.”

About how their tackles have gotten most of the criticism, Aaron Kia said:
“We’re the easiest guys to pick on. We never get noticed unless we do something (wrong). That’s why people pick on us. We’re supposed to be the ones who (mess) up. When we do good, nobody says (anything). It’s whatever.” (HA)

About their critics, Keoni Steinhoff said:
“When things don’t go well, who do they turn to? They turn to us. We put that in the back of our minds and keep playing. We can’t worry about what other people are saying when we’re on the field. We have to keep playing.” (HA)

About their sack stats, OL coach Brian Smith said that:
“all stats offensively are collective. You win as a team, you lose as a team.” (HA)

About how many others share in the blame for the sacks, Mac said:
“Sacks come from a lot of things: quarterbacks not getting the ball off, receivers running the wrong routes, trying to go deep when (the defense) is blitzing. It’s not always on the offensive linemen. It can be one of 11 guys’ problems. Everyone always puts it on the offensive line. I don’t point fingers at anybody. It’s the entire offense’s problem. It will take them all to work together as a team.” (HA)

About the problem due to the numerous shuffles of their OL, Steinhoff said:
“It’s been a chemistry thing the whole year. We’ve had so many people start on the offensive line.” (HA)

About other factors in their sacks allowed, Brian Smith said:
“There have been a lot of other factors: different quarterbacks, different running backs, different groups in the line. We haven’t had a pretty cohesive offense the whole year.” (HA)

About how they have use maximum protection schemes at times, with a slotback blocking along with Farmer, Rolo said:
“We’re trying to do different things.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Warriors find optimism from their bowl opponent. Last year, Notre Dame allowed the NCAA-record 58 sacks, or one every 7.7 pass plays. This year, by improving their perimeter block and throwing more quick outs, they have allowed 20 sacks in 12 games, or one sack every 21.5 pass plays.”

About how they understand UH’s problem with sacks this season, Pat Kuntz said:
“We were (like the Warriors’) offense last year. We know what kind of situation they’re in.” (HA)

About how they are working to cut their sacks down in the Hawaii Bowl, Mac said:
“We’re trying to eliminate (the problem) for this game. We’re working hard at it. And I know Notre Dame will be coming at us. It’s something that’s definitely a concern, and something we’re deeply working on.” (HA)

Brian Smith said that the OL have:
“had a good week of practice. I’m expecting them to play well.” (HA)

About the credit he’s gotten from their not allowing a blocked punt this season, Jayson Rego said:
“I’m just doing my job.” (HA)

About Rego’s role as the personal protector of punter Tim Grasso, Ikaika Malloe said:
“He yells out the protection. He yells out if somebody is coming from the corner. He’s basically our quarterback on the punt team.” (HA)

HA Note: “Malloe said Rego has two key qualities: keen knowledge of punt-defense schemes and a strong voice.”

About Rego’s loud voice, Malloe said:
“He’s very vocal.” (HA)

About how Rego entered the season as the #2 punt protector, but earned the starting role late in a blowout loss early this season, Malloe said:
“He stayed in there and protected Tim from getting a blocked kick. Then he ran down the field, maybe 50 yards, and made a tackle down the sideline. I said, ‘That’s the guy I want.’ He does a great job of studying the film. And he works hard. His effort is what makes him a good personal protector. He’s always the last guy out (of the backfield), but he can be the first guy down the field. He plays with so much heart.” (HA)

HA Note: “One of the regulars at practice has been offensive lineman Tuiatua Tuiasosopo, who is redshirting this season. Tuiasosopo has not practiced since October, when he suffered a staph-like infection near his right ribs. He said doctors had to remove an infected area.”

About his health problem this season, Tui Tuiasosopo said:
“I lost 30 pounds. I didn’t get it all back yet.” (HA)

About the criticisms he’s received this season, kicker Brandon Walker said:
“It started with Facebook, and I disabled that. But then they got my Notre Dame e-mail address.” (HA)

Walker said that he was able to ignore the criticism but that it was:
“tough on my family. I think that’s what really got me the most is that my family was being affected by how I performed.” (HA)

HA Note: “In the first five games, Walker missed six of seven field-goal attempts. In studying videos of Walker, a coach noticed a “flaw” in his technique. Adjustments were made in the practices leading to the game against North Carolina. Walker converted both of his field-goal attempts in that game; he made 13 of 17 in the final seven games.”

About how he expects that his struggles are behind him, Walker said:
“There’s what they call straight confidence. I’ve been there before. I’ve seen what I’ve done in the past. I can always go back to that.” (HA)

About how it is tough to beat UH at Aloha Stadium, Walker said:
“Hawaii is 20-3 the last three years here. We know what we’re up against and we know a win would give us great momentum for next year.” (HSB)


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