Updates on Bess and Samson

Asked about using Ted Ginn as punt returner, Miami head coach Tony Sparano said that Bess will keep his punt returner job because:
“Davone gives us the best chance in some of those situations.” (Miami Herald)

MH Note: “Bess has made such an impression that Rams receiver Torry Holt approached him after their game and said, ”You’re going to be something special.” Even ex-Dolphins legend Mark Duper inquired about Bess at a function last weekend, predicting “he’s going to be a great one.””

Bess said that he’s so used to dodging CBs that:
“when I see someone walk by me in supermarkets, I’ll walk the other way. People ask me why I do that.” (MH)

MH Note: “Sparano suggested that Al Johnson — who is five to 10 pounds heavier than Samson Satele — will get more work at center, with Satele likely shifting to guard at times. Satele could be in the mix at guard next season.”


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