Feature story on the Warriors resuming practice

About how the team is motivated by the Cincinnati loss, Mac said:
“I think they’re inspired a little bit because we sort of let Cincinnati off the hook, and we get another chance to play a quality team.” (HSB)

Alexander said that after the week off he felt:
“a little rusty.” (HSB)

Alexander added that:
“it actually felt good to get back out there at practice.” (HSB)

Looking forward to playing after sitting out the last 2 games due to injury, Kealoha Pilares said:
“I think I’ve watched enough already. I just want to get into things.” (HSB)

About how he’ll take it easy in practice for the first few days, Pilares said:
“The doctors and trainers just said to take it slow. Hopefully, by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be going full speed. I don’t want to aggravate it more.” (HSB)

About the loss to Cincinnati, Adam Leonard said:
“We let one slip away. Anyone who watched that game could tell we had it won, but that’s why you play four quarters. They took full advantage of the time they had. That’s our challenge this game. We have to put four quarters together.” (HSB)

About how they can gain confidence from their Cincinnati game, Alexander said:
“We can have some confidence that we had some success against a great team, but at the same time we know we should have finished it off.” (HSB)

About how their Monday practice focused on fundamentals, including a “sudden change” conditioning drill that hasn’t been used much during the season, Mac said:
“The most important thing is get back to the basics. We have to get back to getting our pads down, we have to get back to the fundamentals of tackling, blocking, securing the football.” (HSB

About how the week off benefited his body, Adam Leonard said:
“I had time to sit back and let my body heal up and I feel a lot different today than I felt all season. I feel refreshed and I feel like it’s a whole new season.” (HSB)

About how their players will miss practice this week due to final exams, Adam Leonard said:
“It’s just part of life as a college athlete.” (HSB)

About how the first few practices this week will allow their lesser-used players to get more practice reps, Mac said:
“That’s one of the advantages of the bowl, you get to look at the young guys and the redshirts.” (HSB)


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