Feature on UH recruiting

About their commitments from recruits, Mac cautioned:
“Until it’s in writing, it doesn’t count.” (HSB)

About his recruiting visit to UH, Aaron Brown said:
“They let me take in the experience, the crowd, the game atmosphere. The players, the coaches, they all had positive attitudes, positive outlooks on everything. It was a good fit. (The Saddleback coaches) just told me to go open-minded and just take it all in. I did exactly that and made my decision.” (HSB)

About how he’ll fit with the UH D, Brown said:
“Hawaii’s always been known for hard hitting and that’s what I love to do, I love to bring it.” (HSB)

About how his Butte team is playing for the California CCAA championship on Saturday, Lametrius Davis said:
“We’re trying to win (the state title), that’s what we set out to.” (HSB)

About how they will start their practices on Monday, but will be flexible due to their players’ final exam schedules, Mac said:
“A couple of guys have said they have things they have to do, so we’ll be flexible with that. Academics will come first.” (HSB)


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