Feature story on Bess

About how they are tied for first place in the AFC East and have won 5 of their last 6 games, Bess said:
“It’s real exciting. We’ve got to stay hungry. This journey isn’t over.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “In Miami’s critical 16-3 victory Sunday over division rival Buffalo, Bess led his team with nine catches for 74 yards. No other Dolphin had more than three receptions.”

HSB Note: “With his next catch, Bess will become the first Dolphins rookie in seven years to have 40 or more catches in a season. And he’s had a big impact on special teams too — ranking first among AFC qualifying rookies with a 9.6-yard average on 16 punt returns. Plus he’s fielded 14 kickoffs for a team-high average of more than 22 yards per return.”

About how he prepared for this success, Bess said:
“I’ve pretty much just been ready, every time my number was called. I knew my role coming in. Obviously, I wanted to make the team first and try to build off of that, but I’m always prepared. It was unfortunate what happened to Camarillo. But at the same time, I was always ready for my opportunity. Our coaches stress that every receiver has to be ready. We’ve got to run our routes as if we’re the main the receiver so every time we go out I’m just 100 percent mentally focused.” (HSB)

About how playing for JJ prepared him for the NFL, Bess aid:
“I’ve said it a million times — playing in Hawaii helped me more than anything. It taught me numerous things that a lot of other receivers didn’t get across the country — not to mention coach June Jones — he was an outstanding coach. He knew exactly what to do in different situations, how to put key people into certain situations. And he was in the NFL for a couple of years. He pretty much treated us like an NFL team. We were still in school but he treated us like men.” (HSB)

Praising Bess, QB Chad Pennington said:
“He’s really quarterback-friendly and a lot of people don’t understand how important that is to a quarterback. He understands how to get open — understands how to run routes, and work defenders and be patient. He does a great job of understanding angles and getting open in spots.” (HSB)

About the Warriors, Bess said:
“They lost some tough games (this year). It’s very unfortunate that it had to pan out that way. coach McMackin is doing a great job at keeping the guys together. I’m just happy that they’re at least going to a bowl game this year and they deserve it.” (HSB)


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