Miami’s head coach praised how well Bess has done as a starter

Asked how well Davone Bess has stepped into the starting role, Miami head coach Tony Sparano said:
“He’s stepped into the role well and has really done a nice job. He’s a pretty confident kid, Davone is. First of all, he’s a very intelligent kid which helps us that way. What does that have to do with anything? We’re moving him all over the place trying to get him in positions. Him, Ted Ginn, it’s a credit to those guys and really a credit to what (wide receivers coach) Karl Dorrell has done with that group of people. They’re moving those guys around. Karl’s done an outstanding job of coaching a lot of young guys out there and getting the most out of them that way. From Davone’s standpoint, he’s going into some of these games and early on, when I watched him, I kind of thought that the game wasn’t too big for him. That’s a credit to him, that doesn’t always happen. I think right now, he’s playing like the game is not too big. We’ve got a lot more football to go and the light is getting bigger and bigger on him.” (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)


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