Cayman Shutter commits to the Warriors!

About the weekend, where he passed for 400 yards to lead his team to the Hawaii state championship and accepted a scholarship from UH, Cayman Shutter said:
“It’s been unbelievable. It’s been like a dream come true.” (HA)

HA Note: “The past summer, Shutter had made a verbal commitment to attend New Mexico. After that, he received an offer from the Warriors. Although UH “was always my first choice,” Shutter felt obligated to honor his commitment to New Mexico. But last month, Rocky Long, one year removed from a bowl season, resigned as the Lobos’ head coach.”

About how he could withdraw from his New Mexico commitment after their coach resigned, Shutter said:
“I felt it wasn’t the same school I committed to. I felt that gave me an opportunity to play for my home. That’s what I decided to do.” (HA)

“UH was my first choice all along. I was going to honor my commitment to New Mexico, but the only other school I would go to was UH.” (HSB)

HA Note: “According to Shutter, McMackin said the Warriors had decided they were done recruiting quarterbacks for the 2009 class. Four UH quarterbacks were returning, including starter Greg Alexander, and the Warriors had received a verbal commitment from Corey Nielsen of Gahr High School in California.”

About how he waited for a scholarship from UH, Shutter said:
“I held on for a little bit.” (HA)

About the voicemail he got from Mac Saturday morning, Shutter said:
“He said he needed to talk to me before the game (against Cincinnati). I went in before the game. He said he really liked me, and he thought he’d open it up again and give me a scholarship. I committed on the spot.” (HA)

About his recruiting experience with UH, Shutter said:
“I was really impressed with how coach McMackin really did everything with me. I appreciate that he’s done a great job with recruiting, and I’m very excited about joining.” (HA)

About how he’s been at Punahou since 7th grade, Shutter said:
“I’ve been in the football program since then.” (HA)

About how he helped Punahou win their first state football championship, Shutter said:
“Punahou has a great athletic program, but that’s never been done before for the schoo. It’s a great way for the seniors to give back to the school. It’s been a great school for me. It’s been a long time coming for a state title.” (HA)

About his amazing weekend, Shutter said:
“It was a big weekend. I have to let it all sink in.” (HSB)

About how freshman WR Miah Ostrowski (a Punahou grad) was one of the first people he told about his UH commitment, Shutter said:
“He said, ‘That’s good. Let’s get to work.’ (HSB)


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