Quotes from the Warrior Seniors

About his Warrior career, in which he appeared in 2 games (both on special teams) in 5 years and hasn’t played at all in 2007 or 2008 (he’s never been invited to a UH training camp nor broken into the first three strings), senior OL Nathan “Snowflake” McKay said:
“I said I would play for the University of Hawai’i. I practice for the University of Hawai’i.” (HA)

About how McKay works hard on the scout team that competes against their starting D, David Veikune (who competes against McKay daily) said:
“That’s the mentality you like to see from our look squad. Some guys are kind of angry when they’re on scout team because they’re not getting any playing time. But he doesn’t take anything for granted. He doesn’t let it get him down. He works hard, and he gets me ready for the game.” (HA)

About being on the scout team and working against UH’s D, McKay said:
“It’s fun going against Dave and C.J. (Allen-Jones). It’s fun to know that I practiced against these guys before they made it big. When Dave Veikune makes it to the Hall of Fame, I can say, ‘I played against him.'” (HA)

HA Note: “McKay was a star lineman at powerful Lake Oswego High School in Oregon. He received offers to play for small colleges in Oregon, but was drawn to UH. That was partly because his mother, Patty, is a Kailua High graduate.”

About how he knew UH was for him when he visited while he was a junior in high school, McKay said:
“I came out here my junior year to visit (UH). I didn’t want to leave. I knew I was coming back.” (HA)

About how he sent his highlight video to Rich Miano, who coordinates UH’s walk-on program, McKay said:
“The rest is kind of history, I guess.” (HA)

HA Note: “But history is not always kind. McKay redshirted in 2004 and practiced but did not play in 2005. As a second-year sophomore in 2006, he was on the kickoff-return unit against Nevada-Las Vegas and Eastern Illinois.”

About being on the kick-return unit for two games, McKay said:
“I was on for a couple of kickoff returns, then I got booted off of that.” (HA)

About McKay not being invited to training camp, Mac said:
“It was a numbers game.” (HA)

About how he met with McKay after leaving him off the training camp roster, Mac said:
“He told me how important football was to him. I told him what his role would be, and he was OK with that. I let him on the team. I thought, if it means that much to him, we’ll work it out.” (HA)

About his love for football, McKay said:
“I love football. Even though it’s just practice, I enjoy it.” (HA)

About how McKay never misses a training session, Mel deLaura said:
“He works hard in everything he does.” (HA)

Not regretting choosing UH despite how he could have played at the smaller schools who wanted him, McKay said:
“I didn’t want to play at a small school. I wanted to see if I could make it in Division I. I didn’t, but now I know. I would have kicked myself my entire life if I had gone to Southern Oregon or something.” (HA)

About the benefits of playing with the Warriors, McKay said:
“The way I look at it, I get to go to football games for free, I met a bunch of cool friends, and I got to hang out on Bourbon Street (at the Sugar Bowl) for a few nights. Most of all, I love Hawai’i. And my teammates are my friends, my brothers. I have no regrets. I’d do it again.” (HA)

About how he paid for school with “huge loans” and working as a delivery man for Papa John’s Pizza, McKay said:
“It’s a great job. I drive around and listen to music.” (HA)

About being a waiter for The Call, McKay said:
“There’s this one fabled story. The people who own John Deere, their kid lives in Kailua. He’ll drop a hundred bucks on you (for a tip). I never got the big fish.” (HA)

About how his “snowflake” nickname came from JJ during a video session because of his fair complexion, McKay said:
“I’ve never been able to tan. I go from red to white to red to white. Coach (Jones) goes, ‘Hey, Snowflake, no white socks.’ After that, everyone started calling me Snowflake.” (HA)

—– Annual section where the head coach talks about each Warrior Senior —-

About Keith AhSoon, Mac said:
“He’s very talented. He’s humble. He’s a great person. It’s great to have him back (from an injury) to finish his senior season.” (HA)

About C.J. Allen-Jones, Mac said:
“He’s been a linebacker, and this year he’s played defensive end. He’s an excellent pass-rusher. He has great speed. He’s tough. He’s a family man. He’s very smart. He’s a class person with a great family.” (HA)

About Aaron Bain, Mac said:
“He’s very consistent. He’s very humble. He’s a great person who has made a lot of plays.” (HA)

About Alonzo Chopp, Mac said:
“He’s been an excellent member in his Warrior career. He’s a good person.” (HA)

About Jameel Dowling, Mac said:
“He’s a hard-working, great athlete. He has a super attitude. He’s having a very successful season. And he worked hard in the classroom.” (HA)

About Sol, Mac said:
“He’s an outstanding leader and player, with great passion.” (HA)

About David Farmer, Mac said:
“He’s big, physical. He’s a great blocker and a good runner. He’s an excellent leader and person.” (HA)

About Guyton Galdeira, Mac said:
“It’s good to have Guyton back (following his acting/dancing career). He’s a great contributor. He has a big heart. He’s tough. He’s a true Warrior.” (HA)

About Tim Grasso, Mac said:
“He’s another MVP type. He’s been outstanding in giving us good field position. He’s smart. He’s a team leader.” (HA)

About Tyler, Mac said:
“Tyler has contributed greatly to the winning ways of Warrior football in the past five seasons. He’s very talented, and he’s a good person.” (HA)

About Jake Ingram, Mac said:
“Jake Ingram is another one of our best athletes. He can play many positions on our football team. He’s going to play in the NFL for years. You can always depend on Jake, and he’s a great leader.” (HA)

About Tyson Kafentzis, Mac said:
“He comes from a great family tradition. He’s made many contributions in his career.” (HA)

About Dan Kelly, Mac said:
“Dan has won many games for us with his kicking. He’s very smart. He’s a good athlete. He’s been an outstanding Warrior.” (HA)

About Fale Laeli, Mac said:
“Great contributions to Sugar Bowl and Hawai’i Bowl seasons. He’s tough, aggressive. But he’s very humble, and he has a great sense of humor.” (HA)

About Adam Leonard, Mac said:
“Adam Leonard is a big-time playmaker and person.” (HA)

About Josh Leonard, Mac said:
“Tough, hard-nosed, physical, quick. He’s a big-time producer in the past two years.” (HA)

About Daniel Libre, Mac said:
“He’s been a solid running back who has made many plays for us in the last two years. He’s tough, physical and quick. He works hard. He’s a great person.” (HA)

About Dylan Linkner, Mac said:
“He’s been a valuable member of our football program, and he’s a great person. He’s a leader. He’s helped us to two bowl games.” (HA)

About Francis Maka, Mac said:
“I’m glad the NCAA allowed him to play. He has a great heart. He never gave up in trying to play his senior season. He’s been a big-time contributor the last two years. And he’s a great person.” (HA)

About Keao Monteilh, Mac said:
“Keao is a very instinctive, quality person. He’s a big play-maker. And he has a great family.” (HA)

About Ryan Mouton, Mac said:
“He’s the best athlete on the team. He’s a great person. He’s very tough mentally. And he’s smart.” (HA)

About Nate Nasca, Mac said:
“He has great speed. It’s unfortunate he had only one year (of UH eligibility). He’s been a valuable member of the team.” (HA)

About Khevin Peoples, Mac said:
“Khevin Peoples has made a great contribution to the success of our program on special teams, offense and overall leadership.” (HA)

About Ryan Perry, Mac said:
“Ryan is a true Warrior. He has helped any way he can to get the Warriors ready to play on Saturdays. He’s an excellent leader, and an excellent scholar. He’s someone fellow players and fans can look up to.” (HA)

About Dane Porlas, Mac said:
“Dane Porlas is an excellent athlete who has contributed the Warriors’ success ever since he’s been here. He’s really a good person.” (HA)

About Calvin Roberts, Mac said:
“He’s an over-achiever who has reached excellence in his game. He’s an excellent student, and a super person.” (HA)

About Erik Robinson, Mac said:
“E-Rob is a physical, strong, excellent player, and a great person.” (HA)

About Jake Santos, Mac said:
“He’s a quality guy, and a leader in his own right. He’s a very good athlete. He’ll be a good coach in the future.” (HA)

About Keoni Steinhoff, Mac said:
“Keoni is very consistent, very steady. He started the last two years in bowl seasons. He could be the most consistent player on the team.” (HA)

About Desmond Thomas, Mac said:
“He’s an outstanding player and family man, with great character. He makes big plays.” (HA)

About Clarence “Lafe” Tuioti-Mariner, Mac said:
“Lafu has been very consistent, and hard-working. He’s quick. He’s had a great season.” (HA)

About David Veikune, Mac said:
“He’s had the best season in 2008. He’s going to play for many years. He’s a big-time player, with a big-time motor. He’s a class act. He’s very humble.” (HA)

About Michael Washington, Mac said:
“He’s patient. He’s made big plays. He’s helped improve us this year to Hawai’i Bowl standards.” (HA)

About Keala Watson, Mac said:
“Tough, physical, smart. He’s an outstanding person.” (HA)


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