Feature story on Samson Satele’s hair

SFSS = South Florida Sun-Sentinel

SFSS Note: “Dolphins center Samson Satele hasn’t cut his hair since enrolling at Hawaii in 2002. That’s six years of boycotting Supercuts and, surely, having some really bad hair days. My in-depth analysis and X’s and O’s breakdown at games has noticed Satele wearing his hair in a ponytail this year instead of the free-falling, cascade-looking, Hawaii-remembering look of last year.”

About how he has his hair in a ponytail this year, Samson referenced Troy Polamalu:
“The Polamalu style.” (SFSS)

Asked why he doesn’t have his hair down like previous years, Samson said:
“Last year against the Jets I was trying to pull when Dewayne Robertson grabbed my hair. It’s hanging below my helmet and he just yanked on it. It hurt. I was running one way and all of a sudden I was jerked back by my hair the other way. In the film, you can see me turning and yelling at him.” (SFSS)

SFSS Note: “Satele’s wife braids his hair for a ponytail before each game.”

About his ponytail, Samson said:
“It’s got pulled a few times, but nothing on purpose.” (SFSS)


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