Article about Bess choosing the Dolphins

Miami GM Jeff Ireland told Bess’ agent Ken Zuckerman immediately after the draft:
‘I really like this kid, and he’s going to make our team.” (Miami Herald)

Zuckerman said that when they signed Bess, Dolphins college scout Adam Engroff told him:
“We have our Wes Welker.” (MH)

Not bothered by Bess’ time at the NFL combine, Tony Sparano said:
“He’s quicker than he is fast.” (MH)

Zuckerman said that 14 teams pursued Bess after the draft and 2 offered slightly higher signing bonuses than Miami’s $7,000 offer, but Bess:
“decided pretty quickly on Miami. They were at the top of his list because they had so many available spots and didn’t have anyone like Davone.” (MH)

Sparano said that identifying and signing Bess”
“was a combined effort.” (MH)

Sparano said that WR coach Karl Dorrell (who was the head coach at UCLA last season):
“knew a lot about him being on the West Coast.” (MH)


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