Warriors named to the All-WAC team (Veikune should have been first team!)

Boise State’s Kevin Basped was named to the All-WAC first team while UH’s David Veikune was named to the second team. Let us compare their stats:

64 tackles vs. 36 tackles
15 tackles for loss vs. 10 tackles for loss
8 sacks vs. 4.5 sacks

In each category, David Veikune is far above Kevin Basped! Veikune also forced 4 fumbles, most in the WAC.

HA Note: “Linebacker Adam Leonard, defensive back Ryan Mouton and center John Estes also joined Elimimian as Warriors on the All-WAC first team. Defensive end David Veikune, defensive tackle Keala Watson and slotback Michael Washington were named to the second team.”

About Sol’s selection by the WAC as co-Defensive Player of the Year, Cal Lee said:
“Well deserved, no question.” (HA)

About how Sol deserves this honor, Mac said:
“Solly deserves it. He’s not only a great player and did so well during his career here, he’s a great leader and a spiritual leader and he’s a big-time person.” (HSB)

Note: The only UH players to be named WAC Defensive Player of the Year are Al Noga, Travis LaBoy and Sol.

About Sol’s career at UH, Rich Miano said:
“From Day 1, Solly’s kind of done it. He’s the school’s all-time leading tackler, and he’s a very good student. I think he epitomizes the student-athlete. He does well in school. He does well on the football field. He was good when he started, and he kept improving. He symbolizes what University of Hawai’i football is all about.” (HA)

About how his UH career has been “a blessing”, Sol said:
“I thank God for it. He put me in a position where I could be successful. It all started four years ago when God made a decision for me to come here.” (HA)

Crediting his brother Abraham (who was first-team All-WAC in 2004 at UH), Sol said:
“I just thank Abe a lot, because at times where I could have quit and went the other way he’s definitely pushed me and made me a better football player as well as a better person. He’s a big part of my success.” (HSB)

Crediting his teammates for his award, Sol said:
“We have one of the best defensive lines in the league, I feel. They’ve done a great job of keeping (blockers) off of me, and letting me make a lot of plays.” (HA)

“Our defensive line, they’re one of the best defensive lines in the league, I feel, and they’ve done a great job in keeping guys off of me and letting me make a lot of plays. So I’m definitely blessed.” (HSB)

Surprised that David Veikune was not named to the first team, Sol said:
“I felt he could have easily made defensive player of the year. I feel like he’s definitely first-team All-WAC.” (HSB)

About how he needs just 2 classes in the Spring semester to get his degree (in just 8 semesters), Sol said:
“Education is a big part of my family. My dad’s a retired professor. … In order for me to play football, I have to do well in school. I love school, and I love football. Education and football are both important to me.” (HA)

About his close friendship with fellow LB Adam Leonard, Sol said:
“Adam’s my brother. I love playing with him and just thinking about it, we only have two more games to play until we go our separate ways.” (HSB)

About his injury that prevented him from going to a Pac-10 school for college, Adam Leonard said:
“If I could go back and not have the injury happen to me, I would still love to be here. I’m thankful it did happen so it could open the door for me to come to Hawai’i. It’s been a true blessing.” (HA)

About being named to the All-WAC first team, Ryan Mouton said:
“It feels good. It’s a testament to the coaches. They helped me get to that level of play.” (HA)

Praising Estes, Mac said that he:
“has been the anchor for our offense ever since he’s been here.” (HSB)

About being named to the All-WAC first team, John Estes said:
“I’m honored to be on that list with all of the other guys in the WAC, especially the guys on our team.” (HA)

Surprised that David Veikune was not named to the first team, Estes said:
“Everybody knows he should be on the first team.” (HA)

About the teleconference the WAC coaches had last week to discuss the All-WAC selections, Mac said:
“I guess they didn’t hear me because (Veikune) made second team. If there’s a better defensive end out there, I would beg to differ.” (HA)

Upset that Veikune was not named to the first team, Mac said:
“If there’s a better defensive end out there, I’d beg to differ.” (HSB)

About the Cincinnati game and the Hawaii Bowl, Mac said:
“I really want to win these next two ballgames. was just talking to our defensive staff that we’re not done yet.” (HSB)

About how they are hoping that Mouton can play against Cincinnati, Mac said:
“I talked to the trainers and they’re working really hard to get Mouton back.” (HSB)


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