Quotes from the local papers

About how all they need now is for Arizona State to beat Arizona in order to have a Pac-10 team in the Hawaii Bowl, David Matlin said:
“We went into the (last) week needing three things to happen in order to get a Pac-10 team. Now, we only need one.” (HA)

About how the Hawaii Bowl gets the 6th pick of Pac-10 teams, Matlin said:
“our hope has always been to have a Pac-10 team.” (HA)

“We’d be thrilled to have a Pac-10 team if Arizona State wins. If not, then what’s really exciting is there’s a lot of possibilities and opportunities.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “At-large teams with 7-5 records must be selected before those at 6-6, a group that includes Notre Dame.”

About the uncertainty over who the Hawaii Bowl will get, Matlin said:
“We’ve never had an experience like this (in the Hawaii Bowl’s previous six years).” (HSB)

Not thinking about the Hawaii Bowl yet because of the Cincinnati game, Mac said:
“I’m just taking it one game at a time right now and the next game is Cincinnati.” (HSB)

About facing BCS-bound Cincinnati, Mac said:
“This gives us a chance to show what we’re capable of doing against this type of team. I think we’re playing at our peak right now and it’s the best time to face this kind of opponent.” (HSB)

About how the Cincinnati game will be for their seniors, Mac said:
“It’s going to be the seniors’ game, so it’s going to be important for us. They’ve contributed so much to the program and to this season with leadership for the team.” (HSB)

About being told Friday night that we could be one of their captains for the Washington State game, senior Tyson Kafentzis (who lived in eastern Washington and followed Washington State) said:
“That was awesome. That was an honor, it meant a lot to me. Obviously, I grew up being a fan of them and I couldn’t wait to play these guys. I was ecstatic when I saw them on the schedule years ago. The last time I walked out as a captain was five years ago in high school. So it was pretty special.” (HSB)

About his TD reception to put UH ahead 7-0 over Washington State, Greg Salas said:
“The curl was wide open. The safety had bailed. I knew I had room to run. We definitely wanted to jump on them fast.” (HSB)

About how they got ahead and the crowd helped keep them going in the Washington State game, John Fonoti said:
“We got off to a good start and then we began to feed off the crowd. We couldn’t have done it without them.” (HSB)

About his fumble recovery at the Washington State 4 yard time, Josh Leonard said:
“All of a sudden I saw a ball right between my legs, so I sat back and just grabbed it.” (HSB)

About his 44-yard TD
Washington: “I was thinking touchdown from the way the defense was playing me. So I just ran my route and executed.”

5. Giving it back
The Setup: Hawaii 24, Washington State 10, 6:43 remaining, fourth quarter, Hawaii ball, fourth and 17 at Washington State 31

The Play: Matt Eichelberger blocks Kelly’s 47-yard field-goal attempt. Washington State’s Devin Giles recovers, and, as he is being tackled, tries to pitch to Chima Nwachukwu. Nwachukwu doesn’t catch the high toss, and UH’s Clarence Tuioti-Mariner recovers at the WSU 23.

The Impact: Instead of taking over with enough time to conceivably score twice, Washington State fritters away a big play. Hawaii fails to score, but takes 3:04 off the clock, severely crippling possibilities of a comeback.

Washington State coach Paul Wulff: “We teach that, you know. No. That was a microcosm of our whole deal this year.”


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