Pregame quotes for the UH vs. Washington State game

About how their team has improved significantly since the Florida opener, Mac said:
“I watched (a video of) the Florida game (Wednesday), and we’re so much different now. We’ve come so far.” (HA)

About Alexander’s improvement, Rolo said:
“Greg is so much better now. He knows the offense. He’s calm. He really gets it.” (HA)

About how their offense was expected to struggle to start this season, Mac said:
“We needed to get to a point where everybody understood. We needed the game reps.” (HA)

Mac said about the offense now:
“as you can see, we’re peaking.” (HA)

About how they are using the run-and-shoot now instead of the modified offense when Inoke was starting, Mac said:
“We’re running the true run-and-shoot, and that’s why we’re getting better. We’re doing the same reps. Now you can see the timing of it.” (HA)

About how the improvement in their offense, Ron Lee said:
“What we tried to do to get by Florida is a lot different than what we tried to do against New Mexico State. But it’s the same offense. It’s all part of the same package. It’s stuff that we know. Everybody says we changed our offense. We didn’t. You just don’t put in an offense in a week. We’re running the same stuff. But it looks a little better than it did six weeks ago. It takes time.” (HA)

About how they need to beat Washington State to qualify for the Hawaii Bowl, Mac said:
“It’s going to be a tough game this week, but (the players) know what they have to do. They know what’s on the line. They’re together in their attitude. It’ll be a good ball game.” (HA)

About how their depth helps them deal with injured players, Mac said:
“We lost Mouton and E-Rob (safety Erik Robinson) last game, and the guys came in and did a great job. It’s a tough game. Everybody has injuries. If somebody can’t play, somebody else has to step up.” (HA)

About how Alexander has learned the offense the quickest of any QBs,
“If you look at the timeline, going by the number of snaps in a game, I would argue that Greg Alexander has been the most comfortable in the shortest amount of time in the run-and-shoot offense.” (HA)

About how it took him a year longer to get comfortable in the offense when he played, Rolo said:
“I was probably where he is now after a year.” (HA)

About how Alexander fully understands their read offense, Rolo said:
“When he first came in. I told him one day he’ll be able to look this way [Rolo pointed to the right] and know what’s happening on the back side. I think he’s getting to the point. It’s because of the reps. It triggered in his mind: What would it be like if I were able to do that?” (HA)

About how he’s understanding the full offense now, Alexander said:
“I’m definitely grasping it a lot better.” (HA)

HA Note: “Alexander has not thrown an interception in 118 consecutive passes. His quarterback efficiency rating of 149.3 would rank 15th nationally if he played in 75 percent of the Warriors’ games. He has played in six of 11 games. Alexander is actually the most accurate on deep passes (traveling at least 20 yards from the line of scrimmage). He hit 80 percent of his deep passes in last week’s 49-17 victory over Idaho.”

About how Alexander is a great leader, Rolo said:
“There’s less teaching now, and more: ‘How are we going to attack this defense?’ He’s becoming more vocal. He doesn’t say a lot, but when he talks, people listen to him. He’s a great leader. People see how hard he works.” (HA)

About how their offense emphasizes more than just catching the ball, Ron Lee said:
“We are looking for the YAC.” (HA)

About how their offense emphasizes more than just catching the ball, WR coach Craig Stutzmann said:
“We make it a point of emphasis to ‘stay on your feet and get more yards after the catch.’ It’s more of an effort thing.” (HA)

About how Alexander’s accurately placed passes have made it possible for the WRs to get more YAC, Stutzmann said:
“He’s putting the ball under the chin. It’s giving them a better chance to run with the ball.” (HA)

About how he’s averaging 55 plays per game this season as compared to 25 plays last season (when he was All-WAC), David Veikune said:
“Last year, we’d rotate every three or four plays. You’d get in shape, but not as much.” (HA)

About how he spent the offseason improving his stamina, Veikune said:
“The first series, I’m always huffing and puffing. When you get your second wind, you’re good. I haven’t been tired in too many games.” (HA)

About how John Fonoti used to rely on raw talent to get ahead of the blockers, DL coach Dave Aranda said:
“You need to stay true to the system. There may not be eight or nine roads to the wizard. It’s the yellow brick road you need to follow. That’s how it is with John. We’re trying to keep him on the straight and narrow.” (HA)

About how they aren’t going to take Washington State for granted, especially with a Hawaii Bowl spot on the line, Sol said:
“We’re not going to look at any team’s record or anything like that. We’re going to look at every team as a threat. They’re trying to take something away from us.” (HSB)

About how their spirits are up after beating rival Washington last week, Wazzo coach Paul Wulff said:
“Hopefully there’s a level of confidence that should build off of that.” (HSB)

About how Alexander’s understanding of the offense shows in his success with deep passes, Mac said:
“He understands the offense now. You can see now he’s starting to hit deep things. Before it was shorter things, now he’s going on top.” (HSB)

About how they haven’t had much of a pass rush this year (11 sacks in 12 games) and will be challenged by UH’s offense, Wulff said:
“We’re going to be truly tested. They’re very committed to (the passing game) and we have to be good at trying to keep things in front of us and not allow a lot of big plays.” (HSB)

About how Lane isn’t upset when teams kick off away from him, Ikaika Malloe said:
“Malcolm understands that. If we get the field position for him on offense, it’s a shorter field. So he wins either way.” (HSB)

About how he doesn’t have to remind his players that they need to win to make the Hawaii Bowl, Mac said:
“They’re smart. They knew last week, they know this week, what’s on the line for them. I don’t have to talk about that a whole lot.” (HSB)

About how their seniors want to win their last two games, Wulff said:
“Our seniors wanted to finish the last two games off with wins. That was a big goal of theirs, to send our young players into next year and build off of it. I think that’s a huge thing. And coming off a big game and winning your rivalry, you surely don’t want to turn around and hand over a game and lose it.” (HSB)


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