Injury update for the Warriors

Mouton has a high-ankle sprain.

About how he’ll test his sprained right foot during the walk-through practice this afternoon (x-rays did not show a fracture), Kealoha Pilares said:
“I want to see if it holds up.” (HA)

About how he doesn’t expect Pilares or Mouton to play in the Washington State game, Mac said:
“We have to move on. We don’t have any choice.” (HA)

“(Running back) Daniel Libre will step up for Kealoha and Aaron Bain at slot has been playing great. It’s a tough game and guys get injured, and the next guy just has to step up. … We don’t want to hurt (Pilares and Mouton) more. ” (HSB)

Note: “Bain will replace Pilares as punt returner and Bain will be right slotback (Pilares has started there recently). Mac said that Bain has fully recovered from rib soreness.

About his 2 TDs in the Idaho game despite suffering an injury to his mid-section, Daniel Libre said:
“I wasn’t even sure if they were going to put me in or not. I kept asking them to put me in, and they eventually gave in. I’m going to play through it.” (HA)

About how he still experiences discomfort and is “conscious” of the injury when he plays, Libre said:
“I can’t let it hold me back. I paid for it the next morning. Man, I was hurting. I didn’t want to show it, but yeah, I paid for it. I’m not going to lie.” (HA)

About how he hasn’t played much lately due to a foot injury, LWJ said:
“To be honest, it was the kind of cleat I had on. It was too light for me. The soles weren’t thick enough. When I planted hard, I did something to my foot. I don’t know what exactly.” (HA)

About how Desmond Thomas replaced Mouton at free safety in the Idaho game, Mac said;
“Desmond was our player of the game.” (HA)

“Desmond Thomas has to step up and he did last week, he was our defensive player of the game.” (HSB)

About how Thomas played well before suffering a hip flexor last season, which bothered him through the early part of this season, Mac said:
“He brought his game back.” (HA)

About how Richard Torres will replace Mouton as nickleback, Rich Miano said:
“Richard has similar qualities to Mouton, but he’s not as fast. He has the technique and the smarts. He has the intangibles. But he’s learning on the job, so to speak. And nobody blitzes as well as Mouton.” (HA)

About how he missed his third straight practice due to his tight hamstring (Keao Monteilh will start at strong safety if he misses the Washington State game), Eric Robinson said:
“I’ll be fine. I needed a little rest.” (HA)


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