Other quotes from the local papers

About how current UTEP is the most likely C-USA team selected for the Hawaii Bowl, C-USA associate commissioner Russ Anderson said that UTEP (who needs to win at East Carolina on Saturday to be bowl-eligible):
“would probably be a slight favorite. But there are so many moving parts right now that things could certainly change.” (HA)

Note: The other C-USA candidates are Rice, Southern Mississippi, and Memphis.

About how his hair got caught in a fan Monday night, John Estes said:
“I was sleeping by a fan and it got sucked in. It’s unfortunate, but I needed a haircut, anyway. … It’s high maintenance, but it looked good.” (HA)

About how he cut off Estes’ hair, Rocky Savaiigaea said:
“That’s not the whole truth, but it’s part of the truth. I saved his life, though.” (HA)

About how he had to miss practice yesterday, Kealoha Pilares said:
“I tried, but I couldn’t run on it.” (HA)

“Yesterday I tried to run. Tried to go today and couldn’t do it. Just have to stay off of it, I guess.” (HSB)

Asked if he could play on Saturday, Pilares said:
“We’ll see.” (HA)

About how the team makes sure that all of the players, especially those far from home, have a place to celebrate Thanksgiving, Keao Monteilh said:
“Usually the local guys take some guys home so the mainland guys can enjoy Thanksgiving with them.” (HSB)

Mac said that Tyler missed yesterday’s practice because he was:
“taking care of a personal issue.” (HSB)


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