Feature Story on Colt

Washington starting QB Jason Campbell said that Colt is:
“a fun guy to be around. He’s always telling me about everything that went on in Hawai’i, and he’s always bringing fruit or someone is always sending him different kinds of fruit and we get the chance to taste a lot of it. I told him thanks for bringing Hawai’i to the East Coast. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it over there one day on my own and get a chance to see some of the things that he’s accomplished and seen in Hawai’i.” (HA)

HA Note: “Brennan may have left Hawai’i, but the hanai son of the Islands has yet to completely adapt to his new surroundings. In 40-degree weather during a practice last week Brennan was the only quarterback with a hooded sweatshirt under his practice jersey and the only one using hand warmers. While Brennan practiced in baggy sweat pants, one player was wearing shorts.”

About how he misses Hawaii, Colt said:
“I just miss the lifestyle; I miss Hawai’i. I think about it all the time, I really do. Sometimes if I’m kind of bored or something like that, I can easily think about Hawai’i and get myself in a good mood. I just can’t wait to go back there. Right now, I just think about the long run … if I work hard out here — I love it out here and I think it’s a great place and I think it would be great to have a career here — but in the end go back to Hawai’i hopefully and settle down out there.” (HA)

Praising Colt, rookie Fred Davis said:
“He’s so lame. No, I’m playing. Colt is a cool guy. I like him because he brings a lot of energy. He has a lot of energy and he’s really excited to get out there and play, and he’s a good player too, so just being around him, he’s fun to be around.” (HA)

About how Hawaii fans keep sending things to him that he shares with his teammates, Colt said:
“You can meet them anywhere in the world and they’ll always keep their customs. I’ve done a great job of bringing all the fun stuff from Hawai’i to the locker room, and guys have really warmed up to it.” (HA)

About the area where they practice, which is close to where he lives, Colt said:
“As you can see there’s a lot of land and trees. We’re not really in the mix of things, so it’s pretty slow out here, which is pretty nice to some degree. But when you’re younger you find yourself bored a lot. It’s good, though, because I’ve been able to focus on football a lot and make sure I’ve been really doing well in football.” (HA)

Colt said that during the summer he:
“played a lot of golf. They have a lot of things out here where the golf courses take care of you. I’m just basically getting acclimated to the NFL lifestyle.” (HA)

About the change from college to the NFL, Colt said:
“You’re having to deal with basically changing and getting used to a lot of unfamiliar feelings and emotions and stuff like that. You’re not used to having this much time on your hands. You’re not used to being financially responsible now and having the right to do things and go out there. You have the chance to go out and get stuff and buy stuff. You really just try and figure out how to put it all in perspective … for the past five years I’ve been grinding it out, going to school and just trying to do so much stuff. Now it’s like … this simple stuff: Show up for practice and always be ready. And it’s kind of like you have to get used to that.” (HA)

About how his first purchase after he made the 53-man roster was a used Range Rover, Colt said it had:
“low mileage. That was a great feeling.” (HA)

HA Note: “He called his newfound wealth — he’s earning $391,800 this year, according to USA Today — and reduced responsibility a “Catch-22.””

About dealing with his responsibilities, Colt said:
“I have to deal with a lot of things that I’m not really used to feeling. I have a lot of time on my hands, my responsibility is cut back a lot and only having so much to do. At the same time I’m being held accountable for a lot of things. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility so it’s kind of scary at the same time. You’re just trying to get used to all this new stuff that you’re going through, so that’s the biggest change.” (HA)


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