Quotes from the local papers

About tackling USC’s LenDale White during his first college game, Solomon Elimimian said:
“It was a zone, and I went through the hole, and I had a pretty good hit on him. He’s a big guy. I tried talking smack to him, but he brushed me off. He made me feel kind of bad. I guess I thought about it more than he did.” (HA)

About being named WAC Defensive Player of the Week, Sol said:
“I give credit to our defensive line for that award. They put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Me, Adam (Leonard) and Brash(ton Satele) were free (from blocks) all game. That’s a credit to our line. I remember one play where Fale (Laeli) took on two guys. He threw the center, and I made the tackle.” (HA)

HA Note: “Elimimian also tipped a pass that led to strong safety Keao Monteilh’s interception.”

About how Sol is deserving of the award, Cal Lee said:
“He makes so many outstanding plays, you take it for granted.” (HA)

About how he knew that Sol would be good when he recruited him to UH, Cal Lee said:
“You could tell he was something special from the beginning. He worked his way up to be a starter. Ever since he got the position, he never gave it up. He has the fire, that competitiveness that you want. He’s always striving to get better.” (HA)

About how Sol ran sprints in the rain on his own during an off day during the bye week, Mel deLaura said:
“It’s all him. It’s all desire. It’s a big key to why he’s doing so well. He comes in on Sundays and does leg workouts.” (HA)

About how deLaura helps keep them in shape through the season, Sol said:
“At the end of the season, you tend to be more fatigued. Coach Mel tries to keep me strong. The hard part is getting into the weight room. Once you’re in there, it’s pretty easy. You’ve got to put in the work.” (HA)

About how he tries to keep his weight at 230 pounds, Sol said:
“That’s where I’m comfortable playing.” (HA)

About how he won’t get a tattoo, Sol said:
“It might be for some guys, but it’s not for me. My mom would probably kill me if I had one.” (HA)

About how he doesn’t think about setting the UH tackle record or possibly setting the WAC record, Sol said:
“I don’t think about them. My goal is just to beat Washington State and beat Cincinnati and go to a bowl game and finish my career out with a win in a bowl game.” (HSB)

About how Sol has been playing well all year, Mac said:
“He’s been playing like that all year. He changed positions for the good of the team. He’s been a great leader. I think he’s definitely the best linebacker in the WAC.” (HSB)

Crediting his teammates for his stats, Sol said:
“Our defensive line played tremendous. When I get stats, a lot of it is because of them. It’s easy to play defense when 10 other guys are playing good defense, that’s how it has to be. When everybody’s doing their thing, we all shine.” (HSB)

About his 404 career tackles, Sol said:
“It’s all a blessing. I just thank God for being healthy, because half of it is being healthy. There were a lot of times when I wasn’t healthy and I didn’t think I was going to go and God helped me push through it.” (HSB)

Hoping to be able to play this week, Kealoha Pilares said:
“My foot is killing me. I might have to do something magically to it so I can play.” (HA)

Thankful to be part of the Warriors for this season, even though this is his only eligible season at UH and he gets limited practice time, Jake Santos said:
“I’m thankful for being here, and being part of the team.” (HA)

HA Note: “He played two years at a junior college, then transferred to Missouri Southern in 2006. But he never played a down for the Division II school after suffering torn knee ligaments. Instead of calling it quits, he called UH, asking to join as a non-scholarship player. In 2007, he was allowed to practice but not play in any games. He was named the Warriors’ top scout for offense.”

About how he never gave up on his dream of playing D-IA football, Santos said:
“I never quit on my goal of playing Division I football. You want to play every game, but you realize that things happen that you can’t control. What you can do is put in your best effort. I felt I always put in my best effort.” (HA)

About how his Mom stayed up to watch their whole game against Idaho and got to see him play the final 3 plays (his first playing time for UH), Santos said:
“She called and said, ‘Congratulations.’ (HA)

About how the trainers do not think that Mouton can play in the Washington State game, Mac said:
“The trainers don’t feel he can play, but Mouton’s a different kind of perso. We wouldn’t play him … and mess him up for the next game, but he does heal fast. We just have to check and see. The trainers are going to work on him and we’ll go from there.” (HSB)

Asked if he can play against Washington State, Mouton said:
“I don’t know. I just have to rehab. We just have to see.” (HSB)

Mouton said that he was injured at the end of his fumble return when
“the guy tackled me and kept rolling and my foot was stuck.” (HSB)

About how he tried to come back too early and play vs. Idaho, but he’s optimistic he can play vs. Washington State, Erik Robinson said:
“I just wasn’t ready, tried to force myself, but my body wasn’t ready. It’s feeling a whole lot better. I’m real confident about this week.” (HSB)

Lobbying for WAC honors for David Veikune, Mac said:
“I think David Veikune’s the best player in the league. I’m going to state that we have some pretty good defensive players, but David Veikune has played the best of anybody play (in) and play out on our football team. The pros are excited about him and he’s pretty special.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Veikune leads the Warriors with 13 1/2 tackles for losses, including 6 1/2 sacks.”

About joining UH in January, Nathan Mageo said:
“It’s going to be crucial to be there for the spring to get to know the plays better.” (HSB)

About UH recruiting him, Jack Sula said:
“They gave me a call out of the blue, they told me they were interested and from there we kept in contact. I felt real comfortable talking to the coaches and I can’t wait to go.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Sula said the opportunity to play running back at UH figured into his decision. He had been recruited as a linebacker last year and is eager to compete in the Warriors’ offensive backfield instead.”

About looking forward to playing again after sitting out a year, Sula said:
“This has been the longest period I’ve been away from football since before I started playing. But I’ve still been working out and staying in shape.” (HSB)


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