Other quotes from the local papers

Mac said that it normally takes more than a week to recover from the high-ankle sprain that Mouton suffered against Idaho, but:
“you never can tell with Mouton. He’s a fast healer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he played. With Mouton, there’s always a chance.” (HA)

Desmond Thomas replaced Mouton in the first quarter, and made a key tackle and a sprawling interception, which led to a UH touchdown.

HA Note: “Strong safety Erik “E-Rob” Robinson aggravated a hamstring injury and was on crutches at the end of Saturday’s game. But McMackin said he is hopeful Robinson will play against Washington State.”

About how loss by Stanford and the win by Oregon State on Saturday makes it less likely that a Pac-10 team will be at the Hawaii Bowl, Hawaii Bowl executive director David Matlin said:
“We hoped this past weekend would make things a little clearer but, with what happened, they are as clear as mud.” (HA)

“it got about as clear as mud.” (HSB)

About how they won’t know who they will get until the season is over, Matlin said:
“We’ll probably have to wait until the last game.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “If the Pac-10 can’t provide a team, the Hawaii Bowl would dip into a pool of at-large teams from other conferences. Matlin said there could be seven bowls that will have to go outside of its affiliations to fill spots. Matlin said the conference commissioners are expected to hold a teleconference this week to discuss an order for such a contingency. Other leagues the bowl could look at include the Mid-American, Conference USA and Mountain West. Even Notre Dame (6-5) hasn’t been ruled out as an option, though the Fighting Irish have been mentioned as likely headed to the Sun Bowl following their loss to Syracuse on Saturday.”

About the speculation over Notre Dame, Matlin said:
“There’s a lot of conjecture out there, but it’s hard to say at this point. That’s one of a list of many possibilities.” (HSB)

About needing one more win to make the Hawaii Bowl, Keala Watson said:
“A lot of things didn’t go our way, especially in the beginning of the season, but right now it means more to us to finish it off strong. We know we need one more win but we’re trying to win out.” (HSB)

About how they focused on limiting big plays by Idaho and Idaho’s longest play of the game was just 17 yards, Mac said:
“We knew they would try to go deep on us and (the Warrior defense) wouldn’t allow it. I give these guys credit. If I ask them to fix something, they fix it.” (HSB)

About the injuries to Mouton and Erik Robinson early in the game, Mac said:
“We got a little banged up and the guys who came in did a good job and played well.” (HSB)

Praising how Desmond Thomas and Keao Monteilh replaced Mouton and Robinson, Rich Miano said:
“Desmond and Keao played their best game of the year. They played responsible and made plays.” (HSB)


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