Samson Satele and Vince Wilfork respect each other

PBP = Palm Beach Post

About New England NT Vince Wilfork, Samson said:
“He’s the best I’ve faced.” (PBP)

Hearing about Samson’s praise of him, Wilfork replied:
“That’s pretty encouraging to me, for him to say that. He’s one hell of a player himself.” (PBP)

PBP Note: “Wilfork, a 6-foot-2, 325-pound Boynton Beach native who played for the University of Miami and Santaluces High School, has both the size and quickness of a prototype nose tackle.”

About the challenge that Wilfork poses, Samson said:
“He does unbelievable stuff. He’ll sit like a yard off the ball and you think you can get him. But as soon as he takes that step he’s by you or in your face. It looks like he’s just squatting, but he can be in the tackle spot in a half-second, he’s so quick. He’s hard to move and hard to control.” (PBP)

About how he followed Wilfork even when he was playing for UH, Samson said:
“My first time against him, I had some jitters. I was like, ‘this is Vince Wilfork.’ Now I know how he plays, and he’s made me a better player.” (PBP)

About how Samson is a fast learner, Dolphins NT Jason Ferguson (who practices against Samson) said:
“One thing Samson’s good at is making adjustments. If he gets beat on one play, he knows exactly how to adjust the next play. But the thing about Samson is he’s so fast. When he gets out of there quick, I sometimes have to hold him so he doesn’t get up into the linebacker. So it works both ways.” (PBP)

About Wilfork, who he sometimes helps Samson block, guard Justin Smiley said:
“The guy’s a heckuva player. Not many teams try to run up the middle on him because he makes just about every tackle. Samson knows he’s got his work cut out for him, but he played really well against him last time, and we did some good things.” (PBP)

About how Miami was able to run against them earlier this season, Wilfork said:
“There’s a lot of things we’re going to do differently. (But) they’re running that offense to a ‘T,’ and it all starts with the center. My hat’s off to (Satale) and the whole offensive line. It’s going to be a big challenge to me and our defense when we play these guys. I’m looking for a tough battle, like we always have.” (PBP)


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