Samson’s coach praised his play this season

Asked about the play and growth of Samson so far this season, Miami head coach Tony Sparano said:
“I think Samson’s getting better and better each game, I really do. One of the areas I think he’s improved the most in is the mental part of it. I do think a large part of that has to do with certainly what he’s done off the field in the meeting rooms. You hear a lot about these secret spy meetings that (Chad) Pennington and the group is having and all of these things, but that’s one thing. I think what (offensive line coach) Mike Maser has done with him that way from understanding what’s going on has been something that’s been real good for him, too, teaching him how to study film that way. More importantly, just Samson taking control of what’s happening out there. He’s done a nice job that way, gotten much better since the day that we walked through the door that way. From a physical standpoint, I think all of the constant reps of Jason Ferguson during the course of the summer has helped him a lot. Against some of the bigger players right now, he’s been able to compete in there and compete pretty well against some of those players. His forte is quickness; he’s very quick off the ball. It’s something that he’s good at and when you’re playing against bigger people, quickness can hurt them a little bit.” (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)


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