Other Quotes from the Honolulu Advertiser

About having practice at the field at Saint Louise, Mac said:
“It was a good workout. We got a lot of reps. And we saved our field.” (HA)

HA Note: “Heavy rain Tuesday morning forced the Warriors to postpone that day’s practice to the afternoon on their grass field. They scheduled yesterday’s practice for Saint Louis’ artificial surface.”

Mac said that they practice in shells (helmets and shoulder pads), but:
“we got a lot of throwing in, a lot of reads. The quarterbacks looked really good. The receivers ran good routes. I thought it was a good, crisp practice.” (HA)

About practicing at Saint Louis, Saint Louis grad Keao Monteilh said:
“I felt the power of the field.” (HA)

About how their was an asphalt track outlining the field when he went to Saint Louis, Monteilh said:
“Once we left, they got everything — a new track, a fence.” (HA)

Saint Louis grad Fale Laeli said about the upgrades at Saint Louis:
“We had the (artificial) turf, but not all of this nice stuff. Back then, it was hard. That’s why we played hard.” (HA)

About how he passed the entry test to Saint Louis but chose to attend Damien, Kealoha Pilares said:
“It’s a better school.” (HA)

About how he will complete his high school work in December and enroll at UH in January, competing in UH’s offseason conditioning program and participating in spring practice, Billy Ray Stutzmann said:
“I just wanted to get a headstart on the season coming up. Everyone said it’s good to get into college early and get the training.” (HA)

HA Note: “Still, Stutzmann will be allowed to attend his senior prom and walk with his classmates during Saint Louis’ graduation ceremony.”

About being moved from slotback to RB due to Libre’s possible ab injury and LWJ not being able to practice due to a foot injury, Pilares said:
“What’s new?” (HA)

About playing slotback and RB, Pilares said:
“Slot is more fun because it’s something new. It’s a different feeling when you get the ball as a slotback.” (HA)

About how he will get some carries with the injuries to the other RBs, David Farmer said:
“I’m cool with it. It goes with the job.” (HA)

Farmer said that he tweaked his right knee last week, but the knee:
“brace saved me. I’m probably at 90, 95 percent.” (HA)

About how he will play at full speed despite his injury, Farmer said:
“I try not to think about it. If you don’t think about it, it doesn’t get to you. I try to pretend I’m 100 percent. The minute you hesitate is when you get hurt even worse.” (HA)

About how Mouton will start at free safety, Mac said:
“He’s making all kinds of plays back there. We can blitz him. He can play deep. He can play man. He’s a very smart player.” (HA)


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