Quotes from the local papers

About how they were able to practice at UH yesterday afternoon after their morning practice was rained out, Greg Alexander said:

“It feels good to be back out here. We’ve had stuff switching around all season so it’s something that we’ve got to deal with and just go out and get our work done.” (HA)

HA Note: “Even yesterday’s plans were in limbo because of more rain. The Warriors searched for alternate practice sites, including Roosevelt’s Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium and Aloha Stadium, but when the afternoon weather cleared up, it was decided they would practice at UH after all.”

About how they won’t let their schedule changes (forced due to rain) affect them, Adam Leonard said:
“It’s kind of a switch-up for (yesterday), but we got some good work in and we’re ready to get back into it and finish off strong.” (HA)

About their respect for Idaho’s offense, Adam said:
“They’ve moved the ball on everybody they’ve played,. For us defensive guys, this will be a big challenge. We still haven’t played a complete game this whole year.” (HA)

About how they want to do well in this game to get their home stretch going strong, Adam said:
“This is one of those games that’s going to get us ready for the end of our season and I’m real confident in our team that we can finish strong and win the rest of our games.” (HA)

About their afternoon practice, Mac said:
“I thought the guys did a good job and we had a good practice — we got a good start on our plan. We got everything done that we wanted to do.” (HSB)

About how they will practice at Saint Louis’s artificial surface field today, Mac said:
“We’re not sure of the weather, and we don’t want to tear the field up any more. Plus we play on turf (at Aloha Stadium) so it’s good to get some work on turf.” (HSB)

About moving Ryan Mouton to free safety, Mac said:
“He’s such a smart guy, it’s amazing how he can pick things up. He looked like a natural free safety today. He’s just an excellent athlete.” (HSB)

About playing free safety, Mouton said:
“I’m not back there to try to make spectacular plays. It’s all about doing your job and those plays will come.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Mouton’s last experience as a free safety came in the Warriors’ regular-season finale against Washington last year. With injuries thinning the secondary, the coaches asked Mouton to move to safety. He recorded six tackles and came up with the game-clinching interception in the end zone off a deflection to seal a 35-28 win and a BCS berth for the Warriors.”

About how Mouton played well at free safety in last year’s Washington despite not practicing at that position, Rich Miano said:
“He played about 90 percent of the snaps without practice and without any type of preparation. You can’t just take a corner and make him a safety. It takes a special guy because it’s a whole different vision thing, it’s a whole different communication thing. You have to be more of a quarterback. He just understands concepts and where everybody’s supposed to be.” (HSB)

About how playing the other secondary positions helps him play free safety, Mouton said:
“Playing corner and nickelback you have to know the other positions and know where your help’s coming from. So it’s not too much of a difference.” (HSB)

About how Keao Monteilh and Desmond Thomas will both play at safety, Miano said:
“They’re still going to play, they’ve helped us win championships and helped us win a lot of games.” (HSB)

About how Mouton’s speed will cut down on the big plays against their D, Miano said:
“He might make a false step or a bad read, but you can do that when you’re as fast as he is. He has the ability to hopefully eliminate some big plays.” (HSB)


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