Wade Keli’ikipi commits to the Warriors!

HA Note: “Wade Keli’ikipi has made a name for himself as a punishing interior defensive lineman. Keli’ikipi, who is 6 feet 4 and 273 pounds, projects to play at 290 pounds, his weight at the start of the 2008 season.”

About how he needs to gain the weight back that he’s lost this season, Wade said:
“I guess I lost some weight.” (HA)

HA Note: “He certainly did not sustain any loss in strength. Keli’ikipi can bench press a maximum 405 pounds. He also can bench 225 pounds 30 times. What’s more, he is capable of running 40 yards in 5.0 seconds.”

About choosing UH over Oregon, Wade said:
“It’s close to home. I want to play in front of my family.” (HA)

About his brother Wes, Wade said:
“He helps me out a lot. Right now he’s training me. He’s helping to work on my speed.” (HA)

About how he has been a fan of the Warriors for a long time, Wade said:
“I went to a lot of games.” (HA)

About how he learned that the Warriors were interested in him at the end of this junior year, Wade said:
“They were my first choice.” (HA)

About how was too big to compete in Pop Warner after he was 9, Wade said:
“I had to wait until high school.” (HA)

HA Note: “Keli’ikipi is a member of Searider Productions, Wai’anae High’s award-winning video program. His role is to edit footage that will be used for public service announcements or short documentaries.”

About the documentary that Searider Productions shot and edited in one day, Wade said:
“It came out nice.” (HA)

About how he took his first communications class 3 years ago, Wade said:
“I really liked it.” (HA)

About how he and his brother go free diving off the Wai’anae coast, Wade said:
“We shoot fish. It’s kind of fun. I’m glad I’m staying home. I’m glad UH is giving me a full ride.” (HA)


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