Other quotes from the local papers

About Chad Lopati, Darren Hernandez said:
“He has all the tools to be a big-time Division I player. It’s rare to have a guy who’s 6-2, 245 and can run a 4.6. That’s a pretty potent combination right there.” (HSB)

About choosing UH over the mainland schools, Hernandez said:
“He’s intrigued by the mainland offers, but I think he’s a Hawaii guy. He loves Hawaii and this is where he wants to stay.” (HSB)

About how he kept in touch with Rolo after transferring from CCSF and likes the Warriors, Kevin Williams said:
“I’ve known Coach Rolovich for a long time now. I’ve been following Hawaii and I like their program. I’m looking forward to being out there and it’s something new.” (HSB)

About the importance of getting their college degrees, Vai Sikahema said:
“You have so much to give and to offer and there’s so much you can do when you get your degree. It changed the trajectory of my life to get a university degree.” (HSB)

About being a teammate of Rich Miano’s with the Eagles, Sikahema said:
“We spent most our time in the pros talking trash to each other across the locker room about the UH-BYU days. He seems to remember the picks he had against (Jim) McMahon and (Robbie) Bosco and Steve Young. And, of course, I always reminded him of the scores.” (HSB)


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