Warriors using the bye week well

About how the bye week gives them time to let their bodies recover, Sol said:
“It’s a time to relax a little bit, get our bodies back for these last few games.” (HSB)

About how they are working on technique during the bye week instead of needing to prepare for an opponent, DL coach Dave Aranda said:
“It’s all ourselves. We’re making cut-ups of all our guys over the last two or three games so they can study themselves and see the things they’re doing well and things they’re doing incorrectly.” (HSB)

About how they need to win 2 of their last 3 games, Rich Miano said:
“because it is a three-game playoff now.” (HSB)

About their practice yesterday, Rich Miano (who ran practice with Mac returning from his mainland recruiting) said:
“It’s pretty much business as usual. We just wanted to make sure they got out here, worked on some of the basics.” (HSB)

About how their OL has played well recently, coinciding with stability at the OL positions, OL coach Brian Smith said:
“I thought the road trip was really good for us. I thought both games we played really well. The last three weeks we’ve been playing a whole lot better and getting better every week. They’re getting a chance to play together and then we’re getting a lot healthier. … The continuity of the line is extremely important.” (HSB)

About how the extra rest during the bye week helps their bodies, John Estes said:
“Even a couple days of rest for myself is huge – you can just feel it in your body. I feel much better at practice and we’re going to feel much better at the game.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Estes, right guard Clarence Tuioti-Mariner and right tackle Keoni Steinhoff have started every game this season. Aaron Kia and Laupepa Letuli began the season competing for the left tackle job, but now start side-by-side with Kia at tackle and Letuli at guard. Keith AhSoon is now rotating in at left guard since his return from a knee injury, with Letuli shifting over to tackle on those occasions.”

About how the OL is getting used to playing with each other, Estes said:
“We’re just getting used to playing next to each other and everyone’s getting healthy. Trust is very important for an O-line. You have to play within yourself and do your own job.” (HSB)

About their success running the ball against NMSU, Estes said;
“In this offense, running the ball is really important. Once you start running the ball well, they’ll bring a linebacker up, they’ll bring a safety up and it’ll leave holes in the secondary. When you see a long run by a running back you know the whole O-line did their job on that particular play. When one guy screws up, it compromises the whole play.” (HSB)

About their 37 sacks this season, with 1 sack against Utah State and 4 against NMSU, Smith said:
“It’s always a concern, but there’s tons of other factors that go into sacks besides offensive line play.” (HSB)

About going back to their offensive style from the JJ years, Smith said:
“It allows you to get better. When you’re constantly changing things, and have different people moving in and out, and you’re changing schemes, you can take steps back before you can move forward.” (HSB)

About how his team (with Adam Leonard) lost the first Scout Bowl this season (to the team led by Sol and Estes) and has a chance for revenge now, Keala Watson said:
“Last time was our chance to dip our toes into the coaching pool. But this time around we’ll be ready for them.” (HSB)


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