Quotes from the local papers

About how the Warriors will not practice on Monday or Tuesday, Mac said:
“The players are going to get a little rest. They need it.” (HA)

About how the time off will help their injured players like Inoke, Mac said:
“Inoke was banged up.” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin said there is hope that outside linebacker Blaze Soares, who has not played this season because of a severe calf injury, will be available to play in the Nov. 22 game against Idaho. The preliminary indication is that Soares will not be able to receive a special exemption that will allow him to extend his UH career through the 2010 season. UH officials still are investigating his situation, believing Soares has a case for an extra year.”

Looking forward to going back to Hawaii after their 10-day road trip, Keao Monteilh said:
“I can’t wait to see my family, and the weather is a lot warme.” (HSB)

About how they didn’t need their normal hours of meetings the night before the NMSU game, Mac said:
“Usually we have a team meeting. (Friday) night there wasn’t anything else to meet about, wasn’t anything else to talk about. Everybody knew what they had to do.” (HSB)

About how they were forced to focus on football during their week in El Paso, Sol said:
“That helped us because it was nothing else but football. We came into the game knowing this was do-or-die, our season was at stake. We had to win this game … and we rallied together.” (HSB)

About how Alexander is figuring out the offense, Rolo said:
“He’s understanding his initial pre-snap read and he’s understanding how the offense morphs to the defense. He’s really becoming a leader, becoming more vocal. I think we’re in a good spot (at quarterback). Best spot we’ve been in all year. His decision-making was the biggest thing I saw.” (HSB)

About Chris Williams getting 211 yards and 3 TDs receiving, Mac said:
“We knew Williams is a good player and (Holbrook) threw the ball good and they hit us up the seams. We cannot give plays like that, especially to an explosive team like (NMSU).” (HSB)

About their D in the NMSU game, Mouton said:
“We had a couple of busts and messed up a couple of coverages. But other than the big plays I felt like we kept them contained.” (HSB)

About their season-best 9/12 for 3rd down conversions, Alexander said:
“Coach is always preaching third-down conversion, it’s one of the biggest stats that actually matters in a football game. When we convert third downs it takes a lot out of the wind out of the defense.” (HSB)

About NMSU’s big plays early in the game, Mac said:
“We gave up some big plays early. It was a real character test. They’re explosive, especially Williams. I’m proud of the way our guys came back.” (HSB)

About the importance of scoring a TD on their first drive to respond to NMSU’s TD, Alexander said:
“One of our goals was to come out to a quick start offensively. After they scored that first touchdown it was good to come right back down and respond, I think that gave us a lot of confidence.” (HSB)

About how he didn’t let himself forget about his fumble in the Utah State game, Daniel Libre said:
“My screensaver on my computer is that picture of me fumbling (last week at Utah State). I’ve been thinking about it and trying to focus on not coughing it up like that again and making plays out there to get a W.” (HSB)


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