KGMB article on the Warriors

Happy with their improved play in the red zone, QB Greg Alexander said:
“We finally put some points on the board, especially after last week we had to work on some red zone stuff and there’s still some things that we need to clean up. We had a couple of lost down situations when we weren’t on the same page, but overall we got a lot better and we still have some work to do.” (KGMB)

About how both teams needed the win for their bowl hopes, Mac said:
“It was just an excellent win for us, because they were playing for the same thing that we were, we’re both playing to go to bowl games, and that’s why it was so competitive, especially away from home.” (KGMB)

About how the win was important for their bowl hopes, Ryan Mouton said:
“It means a lot you know, we knew we had to come out here and win three of the next four. This is just a great start, hopefully we can win out, that would be good, it just feels good right now.” (KGMB)


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