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About how this extended road trip has been productive for them, Mac said:
“This has been a real productive week. I really like having been here. They’ve been able to do their studies, the facilities were good. The good thing is you can get with individuals and talk to them. On campus, sometimes you don’t see them unless they come in to see you. You just get closer to guys when you can be around them.” (HSB)

About how they worked on their red zone offense yesterday, Alexander said:
“We worked on it today and went over it on film so I think we’re going to be a lot sharper there this week.” (HSB)

About how they focused on red zone offense this week, Ron Lee said:
“We should have had 40, 45 points last week. We moved the ball up and down the field. So we spent a lot of time this week to tighten things up (in the red zone).” (HSB)

About the focus on red zone offense this week, Mac said:
“We always work on red zone. But we’ve really looked at it offensively and they’ve really looked at what they’re doing and analyzing what New Mexico State does inside the 20 and inside the 5, and I think we have a good package.” (HSB)

About their mistakes in the red zone against Utah State, Mac said:
“It comes down to little details. Like the option, I have to come more downhill and attack that end, just little things like that.” (HSB)

About how they need to work harder in the red zone, Malcolm Lane said:
“I feel like our mind-set is different in the red zone. After watching film we were disappointed in ourselves and we understand what we did and we have to work harder when we get down to that area, because the other team, they’re working harder. That’s crunch time, that’s when you turn up the heat.” (HSB)

About how Pilares will make a difference for their offense, Lane said:
“Big difference. He’s always a threat.” (HSB)

About how it was in the mid 40s in practice yesterday, Mac shouted to observers who were bundled in coats and caps (Mac was in shorts at the time, but changed to long pants after yelling this at the observers):
“Wimps!” (HA)

HA Note: “Quarterback Inoke Funaki wore a jacket for the early part of the practice, which ran from 8 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. Linebacker Adam Leonard stuffed towels into the ear holes of his helmet and kicker Dan Kelly sneaked off to sit on the bus and warm up for a while.”

About practicing when it was in the 40s, Dan Kelly said:
“That was cold, brrrr!” (HA)

About how tutors Courtney Tsumoto and Amber Tyndzik have led 2-hour study-hall sessions every day this week, with two of those sessions on Monday, Mac said:
“They did a great job with study halls, they’re pros. They made the kids feel like going there, not like they’re going to prison or something.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Tsumoto is a graduate assistant at the Nagatani Academic Center and is in her fourth season working with the football team. Tyndzik has worked with UH athletes for two years and was called up for the second leg of the two-game road trip.”

About how they started coordinating study halls two weeks before their trip to make sure that the exams and to-do lists were coordinated with their professors, Tsumoto said:
“They knew what they had to get done on the road. They’ve been motivated in wanting to take care of stuff.” (HSB)

About how players with GPAs under 2.8 are required to attend study halls and they are open to the other players also, Tyndzik said:
“We do teach them study skills as well as concentrating on content. If we don’t know it, we teach them resourcefulness and how to look up material.” (HSB)


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  1. Just Saying Says:

    this is a boring website.

  2. gokamoto Says:

    Just Saying,

    This website is not meant to be entertaining, it is meant to serve as an archive about the Warriors, providing resource for Warrior fans to easily look up information from the past months and years. It also provides a quick way for Warrior fans (and fans of the teams that the Warriors play) to see what the Warriors and their opponents are saying.

    For example, the quote collection after each game is quite long and contains many pieces of information and quotes that people who only read one newspaper (or even all the Hawaii papers) would miss. I find it interesting to read what the opposing team’s players and coaches say in their local newspapers, especially when UH plays a school with great media coverage like Florida.

    I don’t get many comments on my blog and that is how I like it–this is an archive that Warrior fans can search through for information, not a blog that tries to attract comments. In fact, I’ve asked many people who have commented here to send their comments to The Warrior Beat instead.

  3. Just Saying Says:


  4. gokamoto Says:

    Just Saying,

    I didn’t think that you’d read this blog for my response, so I figured I should put in on ST’s blog so you would see it.

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