Article on the UH-NMSU game from the Las Cruces Sun-News

LCSN = Las Cruces Sun-News

About their approach to the game, NMSU QB Chase Holbrook said:
“We’re going to play as hard as we can and we’re going into this game believing we can win. If we didn’t think we could win, we wouldn’t even show up.” (LCSN)

About their OL problems which includes starting RT Patrick Blount out with injury, NMSU head coach Hal Mumme said:
“The offensive line takes time to build good communication and we’re getting there with some of the new guys on the line. Our center Mike Grady is in his third game as the starting center and he’s getting better.” (LCSN)

About what they need to do on the OL, center Mike Grady said:
“We have to communicate well against Hawaii. Hawaii has a good defense and we’ll have to be smart. We can’t make very many mistakes.” (LCSN)

About UH’s D, NMSU WR A.J. Harris said:
“Hawaii plays hard on defense and it has some good defensive backs. It’s good that we are getting some guys back. Hopefully we can stretch the field and come up with some big plays.” (LCSN)

About UH’s offense, NMSU defensive coordinator Jon Lee said:
“Hawaii never seems to have less than four receivers out there. Our defensive backs will have to play well.” (LCSN)

About the keys to improving their offense, UH QB Greg Alexander said:
“The key for us is to limit turnovers and execute when we have a chance to score in the red zone. New Mexico State has an improved defense and we know they will play hard. This is a big game for us because we need to get closer to being bowl eligible.” (LCSN)

About how they have to rush the QB, NMSU DL La’Auli Fonoti said:
“We have to be able to get pressure on the quarterback. If we can get some pressure on their quarterback and force them into doing things they don’t want to do, we’ll have a chance to do well. Plus, we have to come out and do a better job on the first drive of the game. We’ve been giving up too many yards and too many scores to start the game. We just have to be more aggressive.” (LCSN)


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