Other quotes from the local papers

About how Pilares was sharp at practice yesterday despite his “tweak” in Tuesday’s practice, Mac said:
“Isn’t that something.” (HA)

“It was painful yesterday, but he was running well today.” (HSB)

About how their second team players had to run NMSU’s scheme because their scout team couldn’t make the trip, Mac said:
“We don’t have our scout team, but what we do is do it pro style.” (HSB)

“You’re not getting as many reps, so you have to be real specific in the reps you have. That’s how the pros do it because of the number of players you have.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “That arrangement has created some interesting sights the last two days, including quarterbacks Brent Rausch and Inoke Funaki lining up at strong safety. Punter Tim Grasso — a standout receiver in high school — took a turn running routes against the defense yesterday.”

Praising the job their backup players have done in serving as the scout team, Alexander said:
“They’ve done a good job of giving us a good look and we’ve been watching a little bit of extra film.” (HSB)

About serving as NMSU QB Chase Holbrook and as a strong safety in practice, Brent Rausch said:
“It was fun. We make the best of it. I used to play safety in high school.” (HSB)

HA Note: “The 64-man travel roster limit means some interesting roles for players filling out the scout teams that simulate the NMSU offense and defense for UH’s No. 1 units. For example, backup quarterback Inoke Funaki was a defensive back and punter Tim Grasso played tight end.”

When Grasso dropped a pass, a coach yelled at him:
“catch it with your feet next time.” (HA)

About practicing this week without their regular scout team, John Estes said:
“All the guys have been on the road doing this, so it’s not really a big deal. It’s just that we have to pay special attention to detail this week because we’re not going to get as many reps.” (HSB)

About how NMSU’s offense is similar to UH’s offense, which helps their preparation, Rich Miano said:
“You practice against the run-and-shoot every day, so this is the week when facing your offense prepares you for the game. This is more of an NFL style and the second-team guys have been giving us a good look. … It’s different, but I think we’ve adjusted to it.” (HSB)

About how staying on the mainland helps acclimate them to the environment, Alexander said:
“I think it’s going to help, but we still have to show up Saturday and perform.” (HSB)

About moving Francis Maka from DE to DT, Mac said:
“We’re moving Maka to tackle to get more speed on the field. He’s 270 and he’s quick, he’s a tough guy and we’re trying to put our best players on the field.” (HSB)

About adjusting to play at DT, Maka said:
“It kind of forces me to play a little more aggressive so I don’t get overwhelmed by two or three big guys at a time. I just want to play. It doesn’t matter (what position) at all at this point. I’ll play safety if they want.” (HSB)

Not surprised that former UH offensive lineman Bernard Carvalho won the Kauai mayor’s race on Tuesday, George Lumpkin said:
“He was already like the mayor of Kauai when he was playing for us.” (HSB)

About Carvalho, Rich Miano said:
“They say offensive linemen are the smart ones with everything they have to know. You could tell by the way he approached life that he was going to be successful.” (HSB)


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