Dan Kelly likes kicking at NMSU’s altitude

After he kicked 7 of 8 kickoffs into the end zone the last time they played at NMSU an assistant coach told him that he should have gone to school at NMSU and Dan Kelly responded:
“That’s OK, I like UH. I just wish I could take the altitude back with me.” (HA)

HA Note: “So, when Kelly boomed, in succession, field goals of 54, 57 and 62 yards without a miss at the cessation of the Warriors’ practice yesterday, it was a reminder to himself and, undoubtedly, head coach Greg McMackin that Saturday’s game against New Mexico State might be his last best shot at the mark. Jason Elam and Justin Ayat share the UH record of 56 yards and Kelly’s bests are 54 and 52, both at Aloha Stadium. Playing in the thin air of Las Cruces, N.M. Saturday, where the 4,000-foot elevation approximates what he was booming them at yesterday, presents a golden opportunity, under the right circumstances.”

After making the 62-yard FG in yesterday’s practice, Kelly said:
“The wind definitely helps, it was blowing pretty hard.” (HSB)

About how he hopes to break the UH FG distance record, Kelly said:
“It is all about circumstances.” (HA)

About how UH had a 4th down at BSU that would have put him at 55 yards or more but UH needed a TD instead of a FG, Kelly said:
“You have to have the right set of circumstances and when we have been in those situations we have needed touchdowns, not field goals. Touchdowns are way more important. Winning is what it is all about.” (HA)

About hoping for the chance to kick a long FG in the NMSU game, Kelly said:
“I’m pretty sure this will be my last game in thin air (for UH).” (HA)

HA Note: “In addition to the distance, UH coaches were excited that Kelly was also getting his kicks aloft in 1.12 seconds, under the 1.3 seconds cutoff they say is critical.”

Mac said that the 2 blocked FGs in the Utah State were due to blown protection assignments and:
“We have corrected that.” (HA)

Kelly said that El Paso’s 3,700-foot elevation:
“does not hurt at all. I’m glad I don’t have to run in it though.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Kelly said the last kick was the longest he’s made in a live practice setting while facing a rush. His career long in a game is a 54-yarder he made against Utah State last season.”

About how he kicks the long FGs the same way as his regular FGs, Kelly said:
“You don’t want to kick a ball any different if you kick a 40-yarder or a 60-yarder. That’s why you do the same swing for PATs as you do for field goals.” (HSB)

Asked if he’d let Kelly try a long FG in the NMSU game, Mac said:
“it just depends on the game situation. But the air up here obviously helps you. Helps your golf game, helps everything.” (HSB)


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