NMSU talks about facing the Warriors

NMSU = Official site for New Mexico State University

About preparing to face UH, head coach Hal Mumme said:
“I think that the guys that get really, extra excited about playing Hawai’i are the guys that are from Hawai’i. As far as preparations they do different things on offense and they change quarterbacks quite a bit. Defensively they look the same as they did last year.” (NMSU)

Looking forward to facing UH, Oren Long (who graduated from St. Louis) said:
“This game has been circled on my calendar for a while now. You always wanna have a good game against a team that did not want you. Hawai’i has some really good coaches, look at the program’s history. I know the coaches and so does my family. As for the team, they are going to be solid. They have a really good offensive threat with two solid quarterbacks, who are protected by a strong O-line, plus their defense is really good. All around they are a solid team.” (NMSU)

About how UH is talented, especially at LB, QB Chase Holbrook said:
“They are Hawai’i and they went to a BCS bowl game last year. You don’t go from there and lose all their talent. They know how to win and their linebackers are some of the best in the nation. They are out to win and it’s not going to be an easy win.” (NMSU)

Feeling that UH is confident of facing their DBs, Derrick Richardson said:
“I think we are confidant about our defensive backs and how they can match up with Hawai’i. However, we just have to come out and prepare for Hawai’i just likes it’s any other week, except you have to prepare for two quarterbacks. They are good.” (NMSU)


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