Quotes from the local papers

Sad that Colt will not be playing in their game against UH, NMSU QB Chase Holbrook said:
“It is not the same playing without him on the other side.” (HA)

HA Note: “Both had maverick, throw-first-ask-questions-later head coaches and chuck-it-till-you-drop quarterbacks. They used to study each other’s game films not just for an edge but for the sheer fun of it. When the Aggies’ defense was on the field, Holbrook admitted to admiringly watching Brennan and the UH offense on the JumboTron.”

About UH’s 49-30 win at NMSU in 2006, Chase Holbrook (who was knocked out of the game by DE Melila Purcell) said:
“It was one of the most fun games I’ve had. We lost it, but, at the same time, playing an offense like that and a team like that, that’s why you play college football.” (HA)

HA Note: “Between them, they slung 80 passes and threw for 653 yards in that one. Over the past two years, Brennan and Holbrook combined for 1,406 yards and 15 touchdowns in head-to-head competition.”

About how they had hoped to have a UH-NMSU game where neither team ran the ball, NMSU coach Hal Mumme said:
“But we never quite got around to it.” (HA)

HA Note :”That’s why when it was announced which coach gave UH its only No. 1 vote in the regular-season ending USA Today/Coaches poll last December, it was hardly a surprise the ballot came with a Las Cruces return address.”

About trying out for Wheel of Fortune, Viliami Nauahi said:
“Struggling to pay my own college tuition and already knee-deep in student loans, I knew I could not pass up an opportunity to try my luck at a chance to spin that infamous wheel.” (HA)

HA Note: “As a walk-on, defensive back Viliami Nauahi is required to pay his own expenses. So, when he heard this summer that the “Wheel of Fortune” TV game show would be taping in Hawai’i, he figured maybe he could get Pat Sajak and Vanna White to help out. Nauahi auditioned to be a contestant at the Waikoloa shooting and won a place on the show that airs Friday night.”

HA Note: “Nauahi said several shows are shot per day and one of the puzzles, while he was waiting for his turn, was “Hawaii Warriors.” Nauahi said he was glad it didn’t come up on his segment, “because I may not have gotten it.” Because of NCAA restrictions, however, you will not hear him refer to himself as a UH football player or be shown wearing any Warrior logo items.”

About how his episode of Wheel of Fortune will air on Friday, Nauahi said:
“It’s kind of surreal right now.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Nauahi, a non-scholarship player, cleared the appearance with the UH compliance department prior to going on the show. He said his football experience helped prepare him for the pressure of deciding whether to buy a vowel or telling Pat he’d like to solve the puzzle.”

About the pressure on being on the show, Nauahi said:
“When you’re watching it on TV, you’re always yelling at the television, ‘it’s this, it’s that.’ But when you’re there in person, the pressure is on you. It’s a totally different story.” (HSB)

Asked about the web site firehalmumme.com, Mumme said:
“I’d kind of be interested in it. I guess I could go on there and vote against it.” (HSB)

About the fans who hold signs during games about how he should be fired, Mumme said:
“The great thing about those guys (is) at least they are at the game.” (HA)

“The great thing about those guys is at least they’re at the games. I have no problem with what they say as long as they come to the game. They want to bring signs, that’s fine, at least they show up.” (HSB)

HA Note: “UTEP head coach Mike Price, who allowed UH to use his school’s facilities, gave the Warriors a rousing pre-workout pep talk, closing with, “kick the Aggies’ (butt)!” Price and UH head coach Greg McMackin go back to McMackin’s high school coaching days in Oregon in the early 1970s.”

About how UTEP’s cheerleaders shared the field with them during practice, Mac joked:
“This was a test to see if they’d pay attention.” (HA)

About their shutout loss to BSU last week, NMSU DL Oren Long said:
“It’s a real tough loss. We’re going to try to refocus and concentrate on these last four games. We still have a lot of goals we still can accomplish and we look forward to doing that.” (HSB)

About how they still have a chance to go to a bowl game (needing to win 3 out of their last 4 games, just like UH), NMSU safety Derrick Richardson said:
“The main goal was to be bowl-eligible and that’s still a possibility regardless of how the situation looks right now. Hopes are still up and we’re still fighting for the bowl spot.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Since the Aggies scored a 48-45 win over Nevada on Oct. 11, Mumme said injuries have reduced the offense to “a shell of the team we were three weeks ago.” NMSU pointed to the loss of three offensive linemen and injuries to several backs and receivers as factors in the Aggies’ recent struggles.”

About how injuries have hurt their team, Mumme said:
“There’s no question. It just takes a while for young guys to learn how to play in game action. There’s no substitute for game reps.” (HSB)

About how QB Chase Holbrook was knocked out of the BSU game on Saturday, Mumme said:
“He got hit on that elbow, and just couldn’t get any steam on the ball.” (HSB)

About how he’ll play on Saturday vs. the Warriors, Chase Holbrook said:
“I’ll be playing. There’s nothing that’s that bad unless I have a broken leg or something.” (HSB)

About how they ran the ball on 11 of their first 13 plays vs. BSU to try to shorten the game, Holbrook said:
“We tried to tire them out a little bit, and it turns out those guys are in pretty good shape.” (HSB)

About allowing the Warriors to work out at their facilities, UTEP coach Mike Price said:
“We love to have them here. If they want to practice and use our stadium they can. They can use our locker rooms and everything, we really welcome them here.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Warriors were impressed by the Miners’ weight room, housed in a new complex at the Sun Bowl which opened five years ago and includes meeting areas and coaches offices. They went through their regular Monday conditioning on the field after the lifting session.”

About the situation for UH and UTEP this season, Price said:
“We’re about the same. This game is important for us, just like it is for (Hawaii), to get toward bowl eligibility.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “While at the school, UH’s Fale Laeli and Keao Monteilh often hung out with Oren Long and Dylan Moss, who are now among 10 Hawaii products on the New Mexico State roster.”

About his former high school teammate Long, Fale Laeli said:
“I just talked to (Long) yesterday. We were tight in high school, we did everything in high school. It’ll be good to see him again, just in different jerseys.” (HSB)

Looking forward to seeing his high school teammates on the Warriors, Long said:
“We’re thinking about having them come up and visit or have some lunch or something and talk not about football, just catch up on life.” (HSB)

About facing his former high school teammates, Keao Monteilh said:
“It’s a battle, but it’s going to be a fun battle.” (HSB)

About how Alexander is the #1 QB but Inoke will also play, Mac said:
“Greg Alexander is our quarterback, but Inoke (Funaki) will play.” (HSB)


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