Kealoha Pilares and Josh Leonard hope to play against NSMU

About how he’ll try to play in the NMSU game, Pilares said about his sprained right foot:
“It has been getting better and I’ll give it a shot.” (HA)

“The last couple days it’s been feeling a lot better, so I’ll give it a shot this week. I’m going to practice the next couple of days and test it out.” (HSB)

About his sprained right ankle, Josh Leonard said:
“I have to look after it a little but I’ll be out at practice all week and I’ll be there (Saturday).” (HA)

Pilares said that having to watch the game from the sidelines at Utah State:
“was definitely tough. I was sick after the game.” (HA)

“That’s my main thing, I’m sick of being stuck on the side.” (HSB)

About how he was not healthy enough to play in the Utah State game, Pilares said:
“I couldn’t even run (last week). Just standing on the sidelines (at Utah State) was hurting.” (HA)


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