Quotes from the local papers

About how he will run a “tight camp” this week, Mac said:
“Nobody’s going to Mexico. This is a business trip.” (HA)

About making the Hawaii Bowl after the Utah State loss, Mac said:
“Our job has just gotten tougher.” (HA)

About how he will be tougher on the team after the Utah State loss, Mac said:
“I’m laying the law down.” (HA)

Feeling that it is “great timing” that they had planned to stay in El Paso between road games, as it will help them focus on the NMSU game, Mac said:
“We’ll have everybody here all together. We can all work together on this … no distractions.” (HA)

About how they all have to do their roles properly, Mac said:
“We can’t have 10 guys doing what they are supposed to and one that’s not. We need all 11.” (HA)

About Borel’s 61-yard QB draw, Utah State coach Brent Guy said:
“If you had to pick one play that broke the heart of the defense, that was it.” (HSB)

About how they are staying in El Paso this week, where he lived when he coached at UTEP for 4 years before joining UH, Ikaika Malloe said:
“It’s great to be back in El Paso. I’ve got a lot of friends here both from football and outside of football. It brought back some memories of the time I’ve spent here.” (HSB)

About how they will fix their blocking problems for FGs before the NMSU game (after having both FGs blocked in the Utah State game), Malloe said:
“We’re going to work on that tomorrow. We’re going to put the pads on and make sure that thing is live.” (HSB)

About staying in El Paso this week instead of going back to Hawaii, Mac said:
“It’s easier than going back (to Hawaii) and traveling all the way back here. This at least gets us a chance to be somewhere for a little while instead of going back and forth. We can at least get into a routine.” (HSB)

About how they have to win 3 of 4 games to make the Hawaii Bowl, Mac said:
“We have to have more of a sense of urgency as a football team. We have some goals we’re playing for and we have to have a sense of urgency and start right from the start, and finish the game.” (HSB)

About his confidence in their players and coaches to fix their problems, Adam Leonard said:
“It’s been a tough year, but I feel we can still do so much more this season and I have confidence in the players and coaches and staff that we’ll get it done. What will help heal is getting ready to practice on Monday and having a great week of practice. No letdown, high intensity.” (HSB)

About how Pilares should be ready to play in the NMSU game, Mac said:
“Kealoha should be OK to go. We’re excited about getting Kealoha back — he’s one of our best offensive players.” (HSB)

About their red zone problems in the Utah State game, Mac said:
“We just didn’t play well inside the red zone. We moved the ball, and both quarterbacks (Greg Alexander and Inoke Funaki) did some good things, but we need to play better in the red zone, like we have been playing.” (HSB)

About how David Veikune went from 0 sacks 2 weeks ago to 4.5 sacks in their last two games, Mac said:
“He played outstanding again. He was all over the field.” (HSB)


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