Feature on Mike Washington

PTR = Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PTR Note: “Michael Washington was lost in paradise. Growing up in Aliquippa, he never expected to see lava flow from a volcano, go skydiving and surf a giant wave in Hawaii, or debate the differences of island life and the mainland.”

About how living in Hawaii was hard for him at first, Mike Washington said:
“It opens you up to a different perspective on life. There are so many different cultures here. At first, it was hard for me to communicate with people. There’s a different way to greet people, to walk and talk. The only way to adjust is to adapt to your surroundings.” (PTR)

PTR Note: “Washington had to adjust to sitting on the sidelines while the Rainbow Warriors set passing records. He had a hard time enjoying Hawaii’s historic run last year, catching too few passes from Heisman Trophy candidate Colt Brennan and playing too little of a role in its undefeated season.”

About his unhappiness at not playing more last year, Washington said:
“It tested my faith. There were times I was thinking about transferring, but I didn’t want to think negative.” (PTR)

About how he’s focused on football now instead of enjoying living in Hawaii, Washington said:
“My first two years, I was caught up in the hype of Hawaii. My whole motivation now is football.” (PTR)


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